B-bag - popular in other countries?

  1. I know I love my b-bags - but I was just wondering where other b-bag lovers are from.

    Are Balenciaga bags popular where you live, or are you a lone b-bag lover?

    p.s. please say your country (state, etc) ...
  2. i'm in Sweden and yes it's popular, all my friends know about the bags!!
  3. Australia - Melbourne

    I dont see many around at all... only a fakes or 'inspired' bags

    I think its much harder and more expensive to find authentic ones here...

    I always get soooo green-eyed when I hear people saying how they popped into Bal or a Department Stores that have tonnes of them at the normal retail price... or on sale!

    Other Aussie Bal-lovers will feel my pain!
  4. Haha, I'm from Norway (hey Sweden..) and it's popular here as well, but very difficult to get a hold of. Only 1 store that carries them and this season they're not even getting the weekender and the work..
  5. I'm french I live in Paris and as you can expect balenciaga is very popular here.
  6. LOL - I think in my B-Bag life time I've only seen ONE other person carrying REAL B-Bag!!!
    Around here you just see alot of INSPIRED b-bags - SO ugly!!!

    I live in Auckland, New Zealand :graucho:
  7. Edinburgh, Scotland here. Although you can buy them in Edinburgh, I rarely see them around.
  8. ^^I was wondering if they were popular in Paris. What age/type person is the typical b-bag owner there? Are they "current" popular, or "played-out" popular, i.e. everyone and their mother has one?

  9. I can totally relate to this, I hardly ever see authentic bags where I live in Sydney Australia. I think its because so many retailers copied the bags like Sportsgirl etc, so some people may not even realise they are originally copied from Balenciaga. I only ever buy my bags from the US because the bag prices in Aus are so inflated. Oh how I wish we had a Balenciaga Sydney!
  10. honolulu, hawaii - not too many here. but once in a blue moon I will see someone walk past with one.
  11. I thought there would be plenty!?

    Seeing as though Honolulu is the home of Aloha Rag! :yes:
  12. I live in a medium sized town in Germany and I have seen 2 Bbags here so far... They are not very popular I would say. Maybe its different in the cities tho :shrugs:

    They also sell extremely bad on eBay Germany!! Apparently not too many people are interested in spending the money, as I see a lot of bids on the fake ones on eBay, but not on the real ones!!
  13. I live in Indianapolis, IN and I have seen ONE authentic Balenciaga bag in the four years that I have been here. However, I am a Chicago transplant, and have seen quite a few there!
  14. I'm from Canada (Calgary, Alberta)... not too many bbags, but i have seen ppl with it though!! :biggrin: since they do sell it in our Holt Renfrew here..
  15. From Singapore. They have a stand alone boutique at the Hilton, but retail price is so much higher :s

    I see a couple everynow and then. Sometimes on tourists! ;)