B Bag owners living in hot and humid areas

  1. Hi, I was just thinking if I should treat my bags with antifungal and waterproofing agents before using them. Any advice? This humidity is really unfriendly to the leather and I thought prevention is better than cure... Then again, I don't want to be a paranoid...

    What you gals think?:sweatdrop:
  2. I live in a humid and hot country. My b bags are alright. I just spray waterproof thingy on them.

    You just have to use your b bags once in a while to air the leather.
  3. Stef, what waterproof/antifungal prods are u talking bout?:nuts: ...u know how hard it is to get care stuff for bags in spore! Tot of getting some LMB?

  4. I just had my Gucci bag (the one attacked by fungus)treated this morning with antifungal and waterproofing agent... My B bags are ok for now but not sure if I should let them be treated as well... :confused1:
  5. Oh no.. I didn't even think about this..

    I'm just going to buy some appleguard and spray that on her & when I go back home I will keep her in her little baggie & maybe box too. She will stay in the closet where I have little cups of balls that "soak" up the extra humidity in the closet to keep my clothes from getting fungi or moldy.