B-Bag owners - how many years of use?

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  1. Just wondering how many years some posters have been carrying their B-bags - and for newer owners now many years you see yourself carrying your bag?
  2. Well.. I just got my magenta first.. and I am so in love with the color that I'm afraid that I will get sick of it soon because I will be using it so much.. but hopefully I will use it extensively for at least a couple of years. I want to keep it forever, though!
  3. well i only got my first 2 b-bags this year - and they're not going to be the last ones i get (hehehe) i see myself using them for years to come! when i die i think i'm going to be asked to be buried with them!!!

    kattiepie = totally stoked your got your magenta first!!!! im so very jealous... have you posted pics up yet????? cant wait to see the little jem!!!!
  4. helenNZ: I'm going to try to find my usb cord and post them up tomorrow! (: I hope you find one of your own as well! I think everyone should own it, it's so gorgeous!