b-bag olive green color question

  1. can you gals check out these 2 e-bay listings & tell me why you think the color is so different :blink:...do you think it could be the lighting, the age of the bag, or maybe the UK seller got the color wrong (?)


  2. It's hard to say, I've seen bad lighting but not that bad...

    I'm so helpful....
  3. 9324275313 is a fake 05 olive weekender

    the other is an authentic (so far as i can tell) 06 origan or light olive, however that seller has been involved in a lot of controversy as of late. caveat emptor.
  4. The first one (hgbags) is an authentic s/s 06 origan colour. I have bought 2 bags from this seller (ink twiggy & cornflower city) and they are soft, gorgeous, and not at all veiny....I would recommed it :smile:

    I would not bid on the second one....but the reason the colours look different is because the first one is 2006 & the second one is trying to be 2005.
  5. gotcha, thanks so much girls ;) ...i :heart: the olive green color, but the 2nd one was scaring me away & i guess that explains why!!!