B Bag Obsession!

  1. I've got to confess girls! I'm so in LOVE with fendi's b bags!
    I love the tan with the black buckle...the oversized one...But is it too big? does anyone have it?
    I'm looking for B bags that are under 1000$ Its just waaaay out of my price range...so please give me your feedbacks...thanks!
  2. I'm not 100% sure of authenticity here, but they have some good prices on the large B-Bags:
    Fendi Handbags

    Also, Styledrops has some of the B-Bag shoulder bags for around $1000:
    Fendi handbags
  3. i know this sounds silly, but there are days when i really love the b, and on other days when i just don't like it...i don't know whether i should get the leopard print b, any ideas?
  4. There's a leopard print?! Wow...Could you post pictures PLEASE?!

    Thanks hippie for the links! I did see the style drops collection, Ooooh I just have to get that bag!! I'm just not sure which size to get or what color?! :confused1:

    So If anybody could please post pictures of any b bag you can find...!!!
  5. [​IMG]here it is. what do you think?? yea or nay
  6. I say yay! It's gaw-geous!
  7. it's available at Saks.com..im loving the leopard print
  8. Awwww...so cute!! the leapord print is sooo IN these days :biggrin:

    But I still like the plain leather better
  9. HI! I have been looking for the tan leather B with the patent leather black trim as well (if that's the 1 u are talking about). Does anyone have any more info and/or pics of this bag? I have only spotted it once on the street and fell in love. What kind of lining does it have? thanks!
  10. I love the Bbags!