B-Bag Novice - Please Help!

  1. Ok, I think I'm ready to take the B-bag plunge.... I fell in love with the Rouille/rust orange color! But now I need to pick out the style... I want one that can be worn on the shoulder and looks good too. For reference, I'm 5'4", size 14.... Here are my thoughts:

    I think the First is out--it's very cute, but too small.... I do like how it looks good on the shoulder and in the hand or on the arm.

    The Day/Hobo is very comfortable, but on one hand I think the Rouille doesn't look so great in this style. I do love that it's a shoulder bag. Plus I wonder if I should be spending so much on a simple hobo--you know?

    Then there's the Twiggy. Love how it looks on the arm or in the hand, but it seems to look odd on the shoulder.

    I've never seen a City IRL... This could be the "one"--but I'm not sure how it looks on the shoulder. Can I carry it that way? Does it look weird?

    Please help! Thanks, in advance!
  2. I like the rust in first - it's nicer in smaller doses
  3. hey ya!
    0o0o0o, this is very exciting! you're taking the b-bag plunge!!! woo hoo!
    anyway, we must decide on a size.... well, i've got a twiggy in cornflower blue and i find this to be my most fav b-bag to use - just for the fact it actually sits on my shoulder better than my city (i have no idea y but it just does!)

    i reckon you should go for either a twiggy or a city... they both hold quite alot of stuff ;) i think there are some threads floating around with ppl holding/wearing their b-bags.... i'm a shortie (5'1) and i just love big bags!!!! :love:

    good luck on what you decide! :amuse:
    Sorry that i couldn't give you a straight answer! :shame:
  4. The City sits well on the shoulder. In fact in my white, that's the only way I use it so as to not excessively dirty my handles. I'm a size 8, 5'8"and I prefer cities over the firsts. Not sure why, but I typically prefer larger purses over small ones. I do think that the color impact has a lot to do with the size purse you should get, but I tend to not dress in overtly bright colors most of the time... typically subdued, blacks, greys, blues...

    The day is very comfortable, but I think in this color, it may be a little too much. I really think that the City or the Twiggy will be the way to go. Twiggies tend to slump in the middle when you carry it on the shoulder, it's typically a love hate relationship people have with twiggies.

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide and definitely post pics!!
  5. I think that the rouille would be great in the City and it sounds like that bag would suit your style. :biggrin:

    I can tell you the day/hobo is definitley not an "average hobo"; but, I think the hobo bag looks best in the pastels.
  6. i agree, i really like the hobo in paler colors, and i think the roulle would look so rich in the city. I love my city, it's the perfect bag.
  7. I strongly recommend the City! It is THE most comfortable size and so lightweight! I love mine! But I also would love this color in teh Twiggy! Sorry was not much help, but you can't go wrong either way! You will love your b-bag!
  8. I have the Rouille city and love it. The color is amazing in general, so
    whichever way you go I think you'll be happy.
  9. Hey wickedassin!

    Well, as you know, I have the Rouille Twiggy and I love it! I never wear it under my shoulder with the handles...rather I use the longer strap. It allows the bag to slouch a little and that's the casual-chic look I like.

    The Twiggy fits a lot of things. You can fit magazines and a pair of running shoes if you're taking it to the gym (I do!), or you can fit a wallet, camera, cell phone, and a bottle of water and still find tons of space left over.

    I really do believe that the Twiggy is one of the most versatile bags out there. The shape is so unique and not many people have it. If you're concerned about the size, well I'm 5'3" and a size 00-0, and even though it could look big on me, it doesn't. I have a friend who is a size 8, my height, and it looks exactly the same on her.
  10. ^^ you must have very small feet to fit running shoes in your twiggy!
  11. Check out this thread for pics:

    BTW I did manage to fit 2 pairs of jeans in my City once. It was a tight fit but it fits, along with my wallet, cell, keys, etc. I wear it on my shoulders with the handles when I dont wear a coat. Otherwise it'll either sit on the crook of my arm, or I'll wear it with the shoulder straps (when its not fully packed and I wear the shoulder straps, it slouches beautifully and kinda look like the hobo :heart:)

    I haven't played around with the twiggy yet because I like how the city is more flat even when filled up, and it sits comfortably on my shoulder. But I'm warming up to the twiggy style, and might try it out next time. Good luck on your decision, you would love either one you get!
  12. Yes! My feet are size 5... I wear Nike kids.

    Sad, I know, but it saves space, both in my bag and at home!
  13. Wickedassin,

    City can be worn on the shoulder, I don't think it looks weird at all. Rouige City is very beautiful!!!! I saw someone with a red City (not sure if it's red, bordeaux, or rouige) on her shoulder at Nordstrom Irvine Spectrum recently, I couldn't take my eyes off it. When I stopped by Golden Spoon later, I ran into her again. I stared at it while waiting in line. It's just stunning.
  14. I prefer the City as a shoulder bag. I think you will like it! :smile:
  15. My favorite is the city. You can wear it on your shoulder but it doesnt sit very well. It carries better hand-held or in the crook of my arm. It's the perfect size though.:biggrin: Love it!