b-bag newbie!!!

  1. Hi everyone, I have never owned a balenciaga YET, but I am looking at the twiggy or the box, I think. Can someone help me out with prices for these and any other suggestions for me!! thanks girls I am clueless with these bags and and want to make the right choice!!
  2. I believe the twiggy is 1095. It may have gone up, but that's how much I paid for my Origan twiggy.
  3. The twiggy is $1095. I am actually ordering one later in the day from Saks, i'm so excited, it will be my first b-bag!!
  4. Congrats Biana! What color?
  5. I'm ordering the black one, I think its a good color to start off with.
  6. the box is $995 and is chubbier than the twiggy.
  7. Yes, I have the 06 white box & it was $995. Twiggy is a longer, barrel type shape.
  8. Hey we're in the same boat! :flowers:i'm new with bbags and i'm lookin around for a twiggy or a box too! i think i prefer the box tho.. the twiggy is a bit on the long side imo!
    what colours are u lookin to get? :girlsigh:
  9. So very OT but..

    You have a white box??? :nuts: It must be gorgeous! I saw it on another lady recently and it looked fabulous.. droooool. :love:
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