B-bag newbie needs a run down of shoulder carry options, please.

  1. Okay. You people have me hooked! I've been lurking on this forum and noticing B-bags in the grocery and on the street around here for a couple of months, but yesterday all these posts about Shirise started a whole new phase. They are 5 minutes away. So, I spent some quality time with them this morning. Only since I hadn't spent time on the web cataloging all the sizes and shapes I wasn't fully appreciating what they had.

    They had two shoulder carry bags: the Day and the Courier. The Courier is HUGE. It was nice, but really too big for everyday for me. The Day/ hobo was nice but sort of too boho of a hobo, kwim? It wasn't as professional a look for me to carry it as a work bag to my very conservative financial services office. So, I thought that was that but now I see there's something else called a 'purse' that is also shoulder carry?

    Is that a current style? I have to say I don't like the two handle + shoulder strap look. So the City, First and Twiggy are off my list at the moment. I want ONLY shoulder carry.

    So....is that it: Purse or Day? And, is the Purse current?

    Thanks so much!

    Oh, and is the current leather not a good investment? Should I wait until Fall for the 'new old'? It didn't seem poor in the store, but I did notice is was thin and very crackly/veiny. Seemed trendy - not so classic. Maybe wait?

    Sorry for the long post....I'm excited and chatty ....:roflmfao: :biggrin: :yes:
  2. if you want simply shoulder carry, i would go with the purse. i also don't like the day/hobo bc it's a bit longer vertically than i prefer.

    do you not like 2 handle and shoulder strap look all at the same time? bc the shoulder strap can be removed and then you only have the 2 handles which depending on the person can be worn on the shoulder. i wouldn't rule out the other styles (city, twiggy, and first) in that case. besides, those are my favorite styles next to the purse.
  3. The Purse is a current style. I just bought a pale rose Purse not too long ago. It is a fabulous shoulder bag! Here's a pic for your reference.
  4. summertime, i think the purse would be a great size for you!!! but i agree dont rule out the city, twiggy or first... y? because once you get one b-bag... you cant stop!
    good luck!!! :smile:

    Kat i still think your purse looks wonderful!!! :smile:
  5. Okay...thanks for the pic! I saw somewhere - my head is spinning with all the web research in the past hour - that the Purse has a 6" drop, while the others (city, twiggy, work, first) have about a 4-5" drop. That's a bit cozy for me. And, then, I live in Chicago so I'm wearing a coat or jacket 8 months a year. ugh.

    I think the Purse would have more the look I'm after. I'm getting excited. I think it'll be this instead of the Tod's D bag. Wow - didn't see that coming.

    Okay...retail: Day is $1000, Purse is $1100, correct?
  6. i have a purse as well, and i love it.

    i tried on a day today and i'm in love with the style, however i haven't found a color that i like for it just yet. i may have to wait until the fall colors come out.

    i'm not a fan of the city much.
  7. I was pleasently surprised by the Twiggy; I tried the City and the First but was not able to wear these bags on my shoulder. The Twiggy is very comfortable and natural on my shoulder. If you do not like the hobo, or can't find a Purse (so hard to find imo) then the Twiggy may be your best bet.

    Good luck!!