B-Bag Newbie - Need Help

  1. I am recently in love with the B-bag. I'm still learning to decipher everyone's shorthand...I think I really want the "city," but really love the "caramel 05" color. This may be a stupid question but is that impossible to get? I'm not wild about any of the colors on diabro.com and where else do you get them? Can you call the boutiques to order them? I live in Virginia Beach... Is the city a good day to day bag? I'm also a little confused about how big it is. I want something I can run errands with and still take to work- would really appreciate any introductory words of wisdom!!
  2. OK, well...the city is the bag of choice for the first-timer it seems. It is a good, genreal everyday size, not too big and definitely not too small. It looks good day and night and you can't go wrong with any of the beautiful colors they make. 05 caramel is not impossible to come by, you may find it on that auction site.

    My best advice is to go to the top part of this subforum and study it for a little while. There you will find threads like "celebrities wearing bbags" or "what's in your bbag" and these will give you plenty of pics to look at and figure out what size is best for you.
  3. I just got my first couple of b-bags. The city is the perfect size for me. Not huge, but big enough that if I want to throw a book in, or even a bottle of water, I can toss it in there. I wouldn't cram it like that all the time, but for normal everyday stuff (phone, wallet, checkbook, keys, half-dozen lipsticks/glosses, etc.) it's great.

    There are tons of gorgeous colors - check out the color reference threads in the library - you may find something you like even better than the caramel 05. Also, check the reputable stores reference - there are a few other online places to check and see if they have one you like. Good luck!
  4. The City is a good size for a first bag because it will suit most people's needs. It measures approx. 10"h X 15"w.
    Definitely check out the reference threads and the pictures of PFers wearing their bags for an idea on the size. And the What's in your Bag thread to see how much stuff different styles hold.
    Good luck on your first Bbag! They are truly addictive!:p