B-Bag newbie... need a photo to look at...

  1. I am currently stalking an 05 Classique and not sure if it's a good size for me. It could be too small??? I just don't know. :wacko:

    Any chance you can kindly point me to some photos of gals wearing the bag?? Or some of yourselves perhaps. I did use google images, but they aren't really specific about the style when it's on the body.

    Any help from you gals would be appreciated.

    And thanks for feeding the addiction!

  2. Welcome! I am trying to think of pics that might help you! There is a thread of various celebrities wearing b-bags- that should get you started. The Classique is very small- great for when you only need to carry the essentials. For me, it is too small for everyday, (that is why I got the City/Medium) but would love that style for night or when I am running around but don't need to carry everything.

    I am sure some of our other members will be able to offer you more substantial advice! Good luck with your purchse, and post pics!
  3. Thank you!

    It's causing me angst b/c I carry overly large bags (namely an MJ Cinch Tote every single day) and I want to scale down to something smaller... and yet.. you learn to live with everything and it's hard to pull back.

    I keep finding City photos everywhere and I am SO NOT a balenciaga bag expert that I feel kinda of dumb trying to sort them out.
  4. definitely check out the thread on celebs... every time i look at it, i want more! i love the city size and the twiggy because i carry my life in their. but if you dont have too much, the first is a gorgeous size and looks great for nights out into town!
  5. I just posted a new thread about us wearing our bbags! check it out for sure ;)
  6. I've posted a thread awhile ago with pics of myself holding a Purse, City, & Twiggy and a pic of the bags side by side for size comparison. I don't have a Classique though ... sorry.
  7. Ok, I just found a celebrity link that may have just been bumped up in this forum. It was perfect for me to see what I needed.

    I see Fergie carrying exactly the bag I am looking at and it is just TOO.Darn.Small.com. :evil:

    I have a feeling I would have been bidding against a PF gal, too.

    It's going to be VERY VERY hard to justify the price for the city though... and it's got me back at a Big Bag again, too. Which was the reason to get something smaller. :hrmm:
  8. what about the twiggy? it's the same price as the First, but the same capacity as the city! and it's a great looking bag for the practicality.. also "looks" smaller than the city..
  9. Oh good grief... I am now checking this baby out...ebay 6872217373. I

    I like this seller a lot, so I like to stick to sellers I know.

    You girls are very very bad!
  10. yeah a new b-bag fiend!!! woo hoo!

  11. :nuts: I just won one on ebay....


    Damn, now I am on the dark side. :cool:
  12. Whoo hooo! Welcome to the dark side! IT's much more fun over here!
  13. ooooohh you got the sky blue!!! It's a good deal for a city, and the color is soooo pretty.... CONGRATS & welcome to the other side :biggrin:
  14. This Bbag addict would like to welcome you to your new ADDICTION! Congrats!
  15. Congratulations on your city - you'll love it when you get it! And you could always get a classique later, in another colour! They are great bags for an evening out or when you dont need to carry a lot of stuff around - the perfect summer bag...