B-bag newbie and need 411

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  1. Well, Im new to bbdags so i need your help please..so are bbags office/work classic and will not be out of style or is it a seasonal trendy bag? I saw blk but theres like veiny cracky look to it but i want it solid...do they have that? if so what is it called and where can I get bbags at besides BNY in socal?THKS
  2. I personally love Bbags no matter what others may say about them being in or out of style.

    Regarding the veinyness of a Bbag~ you would really need to search for the perfect one that suits your liking. Sometimes it can be a challenge! What a lot of girls do here is call BalNY and describe the kind of leather they are looking for to one of the SA's there. The SA's will go through what they have and if they find it they will let you know. As far as I've heard it ends up being the perfect bag for them!

    You can check out this thread to see where you can purchase Bbags~ http://forum.purseblog.com/achtung-balenciaga/stores-now-carrying-b-bags-31358.html

    Hope this helps and if you have more questions we would be happy to help! Good Luck in your search for the perfect Bbag!:smile:
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