B-bag newb ...

  1. hi guys,

    i've always loved the leather and look of the bbags that the olsen twins were carrying but i don't know much about them.

    is there a difference between the years?

    what's the difference between city, first, twiggy, motorcycle??

    please help!
  2. Can you post pic of the olsen twins with the bag?

    Leathers vary one year from another, it can be smoothy and thick or thinner and soft...etc and also, in the same year, it can be different on one bag from another ;)

    Every season has new colors, and sometimes you have some popular colors which are produced every year but with a little difference (lighter, darker or more distressed etc.) e.g. every season has his own black, so you call it 05 black , 01 black etc....

    Motorcycle is the name of a line, and all city first twiggy belong to motorcycle line..;)

    I'm not expert either, but learned a lot from this site, it's Bbags Bible :love:
  3. cool, thanks.
  4. look at the balenciaga reference threads...u can see the purse forum members' bags and there is also a celebrities and their bbags-thread that you can look up to see celebs w/their various bbags--hope this helps!