B-Bag mailed to wrong address

  1. I have been waiting 2 weeks now since I purchased the following bag off of e-bay:

    eBay: AUTH Balenciaga 05 Caramel City Motorcycle EXCELLENT (item 330047038968 end time Nov-06-06 14:12:10 PST)

    It's coming from Hong Kong so I told myself to be patient, etc. I finally e-mailed the seller yesterday and said I read your feedback that you mail so quickly and would she please track my purchase.

    She sends me an e-mail back and says the post office has attempted to deliver my package on 11/12 to a city and zip code that is maybe 10 miles from where my address is. She said she mailed it to my pay pal address, which I just checked and my profile has my correct address.

    I am going to call the city where the post office tried to deliver my bag and see if I can locate the package but I am so pissed off. This is so irritating and I feel like I have been waiting and waiting for this bag for months.

    This is my first balenciaga bag purchase and I am angry that it is taking so long and now this aggravation. GRRRRRR, Peggy
  2. So sorry to hear that Alexenjie...
    It seems there is a lot of postage trouble going on at the moment...
    Im also waiting for a bag at the moment and somehow USPS doesnt update the tracking:crybaby:
    It is strange that the seller says she used ur paypal adress allthough u checked it and it's okay..
    I hope everything will work out..:heart:
  3. Ya, Ive been waiting for them to update their tracking info since the 15th It'll be my first Bbag too... The waiting sux, I cant imagine waiting for 2 weeks with no news :wtf: Hopefully this all works out for everyone.
  4. Ack! That has happened to me before with a b-bag! The seller shipped from Canada though and got one number in my house number wrong. The delivery guy had been attempting to deliver to a house across the street from me and I was wondering why I didn't even have a missed delivery notice when the tracking said an attempt to deliver was made. Luckily no one was home at the other house. I had to go to the post office and the postman looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. I freaked out and he said he'd try looking in another part of the stock room (packages are divided by sides of the street) and he finally found it. I was sooo relieved but I emailed the seller and told her not to be so careless next time.

    I hope you get your bag back safely!
  5. Awww your poor thing! so much drama with one bag. I hope it's worth the wait when it finally gets to you!!! hang in there:love:
  6. Oh nooo this is so dissapointing I really hope it works out very quickly please keep us tuned.
  7. so sorry to hear that. this case happens a lot lately it's freaking me out.
    i'm also waiting for a bag from canada. but it's not expected to be arrive until the end of the week, so i hope everything's gonna be okay :P

    i hope you'll get your b bags soon, it's a lovely bag :yes:
  8. I don't even see how this could possibly happen ... that is totally bizarre! Does she have a record of the address she used?
  9. Oh no! I hope you get your bag soon! Sorry this happened to you.
  10. Thats awful - I would be so annoyed!! Hope it turns up soon!:yes:
  11. One of the problems I have with this seller (not her fault) is that she is in Hong Kong and when I am on the computer it is nightime there so our communication is strung out over two days.

    I am mad at myself right now that I didn't e-mail her sooner about not receiving the bag but I didn't want to be seen as a problem customer.

    I tracked the package and the US post office has attempted to deliver it twice to some address in Auburn, WA when I don't live in Auburn (and do they even have an address exactly like mine in a city not 10 miles away??). I tried to call their post office today (Sunday) but all they have is a 800 number so I can't get a person at the actual office.

    I am going to drive to the Auburn post office first thing tomorrow morning and see if the package is still there. The post office says they will try delivery twice and then after 5 business days they will return the item. I think tomorrow is the 5th business day. I have to take time off from work to go to this extra trouble.

    I have no doubt that if they send the bag back to the seller she will resend it to me but God only knows how long that will take. I have made dozens of purchases through Pay Pay previously and never had a problem with anyone getting my address wrong. I e-mailed the seller and told her I am VERY UNHAPPY. Thanks for letting me rant. Peggy
  12. I sent a bag to Canada in May and the Canadian customs put another label on the parcel with another address/return address. The buyer did a chargeback and paypal rulled in her favour even though I had all the details of what had happened...
  13. I am so sorry this is happening to you! Unfortunately, something similar happened to me last week, and I know the feeling of dread. My regular delivery person was off, and a new mailman delivered my package to the wrong house. Thankfully, the person who got it gave it back to the post office and it was shipped to me a few days later. I hope you get your package, though! That is a very beautiful balenciaga...keep us posted!
  14. Ugh so sorry to hear that happened! frustrating for sure. hopefully you will have your bag very soon so you can enjoy it :biggrin:
    I'm planning on getting my 1st Balenciaga soon too :smile: can't wait!
  15. Alls well that ends well, I drove all over creation this morning but I ended up with my package (thank God) and the bag is gorgeous.

    The seller did address it correctly - it's the post office that screwed things up. I never received an attempted to deliver notice at my address (and they said they attempted twice) and the package was at my local post office, not in Auburn as their tracking system indicated. I am going to write to my local office and complain.

    I am so relieved to have the package and the Balenciaga bag is even better looking than the seller described it.

    I am not sure I will ever buy an expensive bag off of e-bay from overseas again. This experience ended positively but the whole process was so stressful. Peggy