b bag lovers star sign! yeahhhhh :)


star sign

  1. aries

  2. taurus

  3. gemini

  4. cancer

  5. leo

  6. virgo

  7. libra

  8. scorpio

  9. sagittarius

  10. capricorn

  11. aquarius

  12. pisces

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  1. what's b bag lovers star signs?

    is there's a co-relation between ur star sign personality & ur love of b bags?
  2. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize this was a brand new thread at first, so when I voted "Capricorn" and the results loaded... I was like "WOW!! Seahorse is really onto something here!! We're ALLL CAPRICORNS!"

    Then I realized I was the first to vote :shame:

    I feel sheepish... er, goatish?
  3. :lol:

    i'm a sag.. on the first day though so *nearly* a scorpio..
  4. Gemini
  5. aquarius:
    Aquarian energy embodies the airy qualities of abstraction, idealism and altruism (particularly the latter, symbolised by the water carrier pouring forth water for others) with Saturnine coolness (added to the signs fixed quality) and Uranian novelty and individualism. Not easily reconciled attributes! Consequently, Aquarian energy is quirky, eccentric, fearless and independent.

    i think the last verse quite matched up with b bags design? :p
  6. Aries
  7. ha ha ha... u're sooo funny girl :smile:
    happy belated bday then :party:
  8. Virgo here!
  9. Virgo here too:smile:
  10. ^ aww thank you! It was the day after xmas :smile:
  11. Cancer
  12. aries
  13. Leo!!
  14. Cap...the stubborn Goat! ;)
  15. Scorpio here!