B-bag ladies - what do you carry when it's raining?

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  1. So it's raining cats & dogs outside today and i'm sad since this means errands and running around town sans b-bag.

    I didn't treat any of my bags (i'm chicken as i'm worried it will change the beautiful leather somehow) - so on rainy days I use my Orla Kiely vinyl shopper. It's cute, but no b-bag.

    What do you ladies do? Anyone just tough it out? Or do you use alternate bags?

  2. When I know it'll be a rainy day I keep my nice leather purses at home and carry something vinyl.

    Unfortanately June 1st was the official first day of hurricane season which means impromptu rain showers. In those cases I'll carry my handbag under my shirt while running to the car or from building to building. Lately though, I actually keep the dustbag on the bottom of my purses so I can whip it out and use it as a rain-jacket for my bags.
  3. lord- that's a great idea w/ the dustbag!! Sometimes I'll leave a plastic bag inside, not the supermarket kind :nogood: I usually have a H&M or UO shopping bag handy.
  4. My huge Vinyl Chanel Cabas :smile:.
  5. The dust bag really has come in handy! I actually fold it so that lays on the bottom. It has a dual purpose - it actually keeps the bottom of the bag clean and it's hardly noticeable when folded that way. It also doesn't add a lot of additional weight. I've found it useful during rain drizzles and on the airport! :wlae:
  6. Oh they are lot of rainy days here, it's terrible :rolleyes: I hate it !
    On this days I take a big vinyl bag from 'Longchamp' (which are folded) inside my bbag and when I've to go out I change it - put the bbag into the Longchamp bag :tup::yes:!

    Thank you beauxgoris to start this thread :flowers:- it's very interesting to read what other PFers are doing in this 'bad' situation ;)
  7. I carry mine in the rain, no coverings at all. I have a black city and first so I am not afraid of water spots. She looks just as good as when I bought her if not better.
  8. A large umbrella? ;)
  9. I just bought my 1st Bbag. It´s an anthacite City. Now I am wondering if it could really do any harm if I wear it when it rains. Has anyone made a bad experience when the bag got a little wet?
  10. Hello! All you guys come out to San Francisco - today is a sunny Sunday (no rain in the forecast!), so all the pretty colored B Bags can be taken out for a stroll!

    ps. Our first Barneys is opening very soon (August?).
  11. vinyl coco cabas
  12. Yes! If it's realllllllly raining hard, I just grab my wallet and run!:yes:
  13. I carry mine in rain...once I was on vacation in New York and it started POURING rain. My bag got completely soaked through, the color darkened and it scared me, but as soon as it dried, you couldn't even tell. I don't have dark colored bags (mine are anis and dolma), and neither of them suffered from the rain, even in Seattle (where I used to live). Hope this helps!
  14. I have sprayed my bags once or twice with something like AppleGuard, and I stopped worrying about it. In the rain I carry my BBags under a teeny fold-up umbrella that usually rides in the bag. I have noticed no ill effects on the bags, but I do only have darker colored bags.
  15. on rainy days....the LV canvas bags....mono or damier something....