B Bag in Elle Magazine

  1. Did anyone see the whit B Bag in Elle this month on page 108. The hardware is big and silver and chunky. Love it :yahoo:
    Does anyone know when these bags will be available?
  2. It was silver and chunky?? hhmmm! What style was it?
  3. I think it was the brief in the giant line for s/s 07...not sure if if the harware was silver though...
  4. i also think the giant studs has grow on me :P
  5. mmmmm i love that brief!
  6. I just checked my copy of elle-- not sure if the style is brief, but it is the giant line with the "giant" studs in gold! :yes:
  7. can someone please scan a pic! pretty pretty please??? :flowers:
  8. i don't know which one too, but is it one of the big studs bag on atelier.naff ?
  9. I asked someone at Balenciaga in NYC which bag that is, and he said a Brief with the new large, gold hardware. But I'm not so sure it is the brief, which has a narrower top and a wider bottom. Given the 2 handles and the way the top opening looks, I wonder if maybe it is an Afternoon or Mid-Afternoon. I haven't seen either in person, but that would be my guess. The bag is tall and fairly uniform looking in width.
  10. Nope it is not on atelier.naff. It has 2 handles. It is likely the Brief.
    I hope the stds will come in silver, they look like silver in the magazine.
    Does anyone know when it will hit the stores? :s
  11. I was told by an SA at BalNY that the Brief was featured in Elle Mag ... here is a pic of it from AtelierNaff (the "Spring 07 News" blog entry):

    BTW, I was told by the same SA that it is the most similar in size & shape to the Afternoon ...
  12. Dang it...wish I had a scanner. If the bag in Elle is the brief...then sign me up, cause it looks cuter in Elle than it does on atelier.naff. :jammin:
  13. ooh, thanks esiders! it looks so cool!
  14. Wow! That is a whole lotta BLING!