B Bag in Blue Patent Leather

  1. Hey! I am relatively new to purse collecting, and I just joined this forum. I started looking at Bag, Borrow or Steal, too. Of course, this is all very dangerous for me! I am in lust with the B Bag in Blue Patent Leather. Thinking about renting it from Bag, Borrow or Steal just to check it out. Does anyone know if it is still available for purchase? I know I could potentially "steal" it from the Bag, Borrow or Steal site for a sum. Does anyone know how competitive their "steal" prices are? Help a sister out!

  2. I don't know much about Bag, Borrow or Steal except for the service it provides. The patent blue b-bag has been out for a little while now. (I'm assuming you're referring to the dark blue/almost royal blue color). I haven't seen one in any of the major department stores (BG, NM, Saks) in a little while, but you never know. They do pop up from time to time. They do fleetingly still show up on bluefly and jomashop and the numerous other places also. Good luck!!! It's a great bag to add and lots of fun!
  3. I took the plunge and joined Bag Borrow or Steal. I signed up to rent the B bag for a month. If I like it, I will check out the steal price. I'll submit pictures when it arrives!
  4. I would be curious to see how the bag arrives. In theory its a neat service but I would worry they would be all muffed up by everyone using it. Hope it works out for ya! Post pics!!!!
  5. I will definitely let you know. They claim they do not ship their bags unless they are in pristine condition.
  6. I think the patent and colorful look is just great on that bag.
  7. My husband and I had a bit of a tiff about the whole renting of the bag from Bag Borrow or Steal last night. Make no mistake it is still somewhat expensive even to rent a couture bag! Anyway, I tried to explain the bag obsession to him--the bag brightens a room, yada, yada. He said, "I don't think its your bag that brightens a room. I can't remember what bag you were carrying on our first date." :p
  8. He sounds a lot like my hubby too. I'm trying to remember the argument that I used on mine. Typically, I try to tell him how the bag makes me feel. It makes me feel special, yadda yadda yadda.... but even then, I'm not sure they will ever get it. My hubby tries to tell me that a plastic bag performs the same function! :wtf:
  9. ^OMG... The horror...
  10. ^^^ LOL! It was... I couldn't believe someone would say something like THAT! I cried into my pillow that night! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  11. Awww.... BL that's what we're here for. :smile:
  12. My husband keeps running around chanting, "No more purses." Needless to say the Fendi B Bag in Blue seems like a distant dream. If anyone out there has one, I'll pay you just to touch it. Sniff. . .:crybaby:
  13. ^^^ Geez, that kind of bites. I'll keep my fingers still crossed for you. :heart: