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  1. Moved it to D&S, if you don't mind.
  2. Doooiiiinnnnggg ... thanks Vlad, wasn't using my noodle (brain) there!!! It's the end of the workday ... brain's on overload!
  3. Ceejay--forgive me for asking, but what is the advantage of being a former member of ALVA? Why wouldn't one remain a current member? I've looked at the criteria online and it doesn't seem to require any ongoing numer of sales per year or anything, so I'm just curious why one would let membership lapse. Thanks.
  4. man, i've been looking for one of these, but i'm broke as a joke
  5. Seller stated that this black bag is from the older leather collection. Is that true CeeJay?
  6. That's an awesome price! I just got a black one though...darnit. Wish it was another color...
  7. i'm so tempted with all of these great deals....i just have to keep saying to myself "CHANEL!".

    i can't wait until i get some form of income!
  8. Also, there is an authentic teal twiggy on ebay right now. I don't know the item number but it's the real deal and it has a very good price.(Although it has a reserve):idea:
  9. Yes, "Snowy" knows her stuff ... and has been purchasing Balenciaga for a long time ...
  10. Sorry Susan-Eric ... that was bad wording on my part.

    What I meant to say, is that the "Authentic Balenciaga" forum is no longer (it has been renamed) ... meaning that any member (past or current) would have been a "former" member of this club (and most likely a current member of the newly-named forum). Sorry for the confusion.

    As far as why one wouldn't continue in that group could be a number of reasons.
    1. Some forums allow only a certain number of 'active' participants. If you don't continue with posts (or if you don't maintain a certain number of posts for a given period of time - e.g., a month), you become 'inactive' and are therefore dropped off the forum.
    2. Some folks have also decided to no longer participate ... for whatever reason.
    3. Of course, there's also the situation where an individual is kicked out (also for whatever reason - it really depends on the moderators).
  11. ceejay, maybe you should just stop talking about "authentic balenciaga forum" etc since you were blocked from that site or the newer version of it. please!
  12. I'm not sure what your purpose is but Ceejay has been a valuable member of this forum for some time and we don't appreciate you coming on here and disrepecting her. Vlad I think it's time for one of those you know what. This is the second string I have found with this person trash talking ceejay.
  13. I agree what is the motive here? Ceejay has been more than upfront passing information that is easily proven fact. Can't wait to here what this person's hidden adgenda is.
  14. Wow, I can't believe some people really feel the need to spend their time trash talking other people over the internet.. oookay.