B Bag I bought on Monday is on E-Bay

  1. I am so confused and upset. I bought the following Balenciaga bag on Monday and paid for it through Pay Pal using my credit card. Pay Pal still shows the vendor being paid, the charge is still on my credit card but the seller has got MY bag on e-bay in the following auction:

    eBay: AUTH Balenciaga 05 Caramel City Motorcycle EXCELLENT (item 330048357908 end time Nov-16-06 04:44:13 PST)

    I e-mailed the seller but she is Hong Kong so it is probably the middle of the night. I can't understand what is going on. I am going to be SO UPSET if I don't end up with this bag.

    Maybe I am over reacting - it looks just like the same pictures of the bag that I bought but maybe she got another bag - exact same year, same color and she took the same kind of pictures. I think I may be just scared for nothing. Peggy
  2. Did you buy your bag from the same seller? :confused1: And did she have these same pics for your auction? She's a reputable seller so I'm sure if you won her auction there's nothing to worry about. Maybe can you post the auction you won? I'm worried you bought one from the person who steals pics. But if you bought from LVlady99 there shouldn't be a problem. She also may get in the same exact bag, so this may be a different bag. She has done that before.
  3. i remember u posting about this item and winning it! I'm so sorry that this is happening! that is very confusing!!! It must be some kind of a gross mistake on the seller's part! I hope u end up with it! I had a very good transaction with her a few years ago and doubt it is intentional...:confused1: :sad:
  4. Lets hope your not getting the old bate and switch routine. Good luck with your purchase and let us know the outcome.
  5. I have bought from her before - not the BEST communicator but definitely an authentic reputable seller. I bet she has another one in similar condition and is just using the same pics?
  6. I've bought from her too, with no problems. Should be OK.
  7. she's a good reputable seller, many girls from LV sub-forum bought from her before...
    i think there must be some mis understanding or error on her side...
    i think you shouldn't worry too much :P
  8. LVLady is a good seller. If you want to communicate with her, send an email...she doesn't seem to respond to her eBay email account.

    The other 05-Caramel is still listed as sold for $1299 on Nov 6th. She probably has another bag or made an error...she's put a lot of things up for bid since last night, maybe she made a mistake.
  9. They're not the same photos in the two auctions though. She does run a consignment store doesn't she? I think she's probably just got two of the same bag. I wouldn't worry.

  10. I heard on the ebay boards that this seller does this ...
  11. It doesn't look like the same bag! The handles look darker.

    This seller has some kind of a bottomless pit source of Balenciagas. I'd REALLY like to know how she gets her hands on SO MANY of them!!!

    I wouldn't worry a bit about it - she is an extremely reputable seller and I've dealt with her on three different transactions with NO problems!! Take a deep breath and relax, girl! ;)
  12. ^ Congrats fiatflux on post #1000! :smile:

    And about the seller, I just purchased two items from her over the weekend. If you get her while she's online usually before 9AM or around 4-5PM west coast time she'll get back to you asap. Really a pleasure to work with- everything should be fine :yes:
  13. P.S. I just compared the auctions and they are DEFINITELY not the same pics ... !!! It's a whole different bag, y'all! ;)

    Jdy ... I would have totally missed that if you hadn't pointed it out ... *wheee!!!* Although I am not sure it is something to be proud of ... *lol*
  14. a bottomless pit of LV too!!
  15. Thank you everybody - I feel much better after reading your comments. I think I just felt such panic when the pictures looked like my bag and her description was exactly the same - word for word. I did go back to my auction and the pictures are different.

    Isn't it a little bit strange that all her used Balenciaga bags have little scratches in the corners? I still don't know what this means. I e-mailed to ask her about this and she never responded. Then I decided just to buy the bag and figure out what she means when I get the bag.

    I feel so stupid for getting so upset so quickly without checking out all the facts. This is my very first Balenciaga bag purchase and I am so excited to receive it - I think I just went off the deep end momentarily.

    Thank you for reassuring me about this seller. I was careful to read her feedback and she does sell authentic handbags to alot of people. I wonder where she gets her bags too.

    I will let you know as soon as I get it - hopefully not until tomorrow as my SO is leaving for China tonight and I would rather he didn't see this package arrive at our house (he doesn't understand why I suddenly have this mountain of bags in the corner of our bedroom). Before I found this place I think I had 2 at the most. Peggy