B Bag Help!

  1. Hi Fendi gals! I'm new to this section, as I'm usually in Chanel, Chloe, or MJ... but I've recently become obsessed with a navy patent leather B Bag.

    Those of you who own a B Bag - are you still loving yours?

    Is it a good everyday bag?

    Or is it more of a STATEMENT, WOW bag? And at that price point, do you think they're worth it?

    Would love your input!;)
  2. I have one b-bag, the white linen and patent blue and I absolutely love her. Because she's white, I wouldn't use her every day. However, I'm looking towards getting a second one (leather and patent) this time for greater durability. The bag itself is very comfortable and functional, though sometimes, the latch can be a little irritating. That said, I :heart: :heart: :heart: this bag. I didn't like b-bags when they first came out, but now, I think I must have been crazy to not have! Good luck!!!
  3. I have a casual dress lifestyle & some of the B bags are more of a City Bag to me, expecially the Vernis (Patent leather) ones. I do have one B bag I love, it is the medium size B in hard black leather. I never get tired of it. :smile:
  4. I wore my large black and tan BBag everyday til the screw came loose in one of the straps. Then, it went to Fendi for three weeks, and came back, ready for regular use again. Yes, it was def a statement bag -- I think more than any of my other bags -- but who cares? If the bag is a good reflection of your style, why not assert it?

    The medium bag (I have in Oak) is much much less of a standout, but the three or four times I've worn it out, I got a good number of stares and compliments. This, unfortunately, is not a large enough size for my everyday use, so it doesn't see much action.

    I find that if you're constantly going into your bag for things, the closure mechanism on the Bbags is probably going to be a nuisance. If you're not one to go digging in your bag for every little thing, then I don't see it being a problem.

    I think the navy is a darling color! I'm looking to get a patent yellow one for the season.

    Hope that helps.
  5. I agree. And the front part is really heavy because of the two buckles.

    It's a nice bag to "model" around though.
  6. Do you think they're 'high maintenance'?
  7. no, i dont think they are, I think you automatically take care of this bag, if that doesnt sound funny, its such a gorgeous leather that you will just find yourself wanting to find a chair to put it on lol!

    i would recommend one, they really are a fab bag :smile:
  8. Thanks for all this helpful info, everyone. I'm crazy about Fendi--have a few Spy bags, but I've been thinking about getting the B. Can't stop thinking about it, actually! I saw a couple online, but can't decide--do you think it's better to buy a basic black one, or to go with something more embellished and distinctive, for my first B? :smile:
  9. Hi purselover5, I would say go for a plainer style for your first bag, maybe a lovely patent leather, but with plainer b's perhaps.

    I think the embellished ones are incredible, a real piece of art, but they are very expensive, so I think you should ensure you love it before you go for one of those by going for a regular one, and then waiting for the embellished ones to go on sale, which they often do. :smile:
  10. Thanks for the advice, chloe-babe! Sounds good :smile:
  11. This is the one I'm drooling over at the moment: Fendi 8BN165 Black B Buckle Womens Handbag

    And I got a coupon from them for $20 off, so I think I might go for it! :smile: Hey--I'll post the coupon in the deals thread so everyone can enjoy:yahoo:
  12. oooh purselover, see that is a perfect bag, wow a real stunner :biggrin:

    gosh, if you decide to go for it, you have got to tell us :yes:
  13. I have the medium bone with patent leather trim. I absolutely love it and get compliments on it all the time. This is a heavy bag so if you are not used to carrying a load of leather than better start pumping some iron. To me, medium is plenty big. I am eyeing the cashmere one.
    I think patent leather ones feel lighter and navy is so darling. Patent leather always comes back in style and it's so fun.
  14. The one I'm after is navy blue with the yellow and red flowery straps... very 60s! And after lugging around Chloe and MJ bags, the med size should be light as a feather!
  15. jbelle, did you end up getting the navy patent?? If so, how does it wear? Is it ultra dressy?

    I got the patent beige/yellow one and am trying to consider whether I should return it and get the navy patent!