B-bag hardware

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  1. Just wondering does the color of the hardware change every season?? Like for the new ones (07)LOL......will they only have goldhardware OR do they come with silver too??? I don't know I'm confused...:s
  2. The Arena line is the old hardward

    The Giant line is the new chunky gold....

    that is just what I have heard
  3. The "Arena" name is apparently nothing to do with the hardware ... for example, I noticed that hook bags are also referred to with the "Arena" name...and they have completely different hardware from the Motorcycle bags.

    Arena seems to refer to the finish of the leather ... originally conceived to differentiate it from, say, the pebbled leather. LP knows more about this and can explain it better.

    But it is correct that the new hardware is called "Giant" :yes:
  4. interesting - i am too lazy to research that type of distinction :shrugs:
  5. This is really interesting.. Thanks fiatflux