B-bag God Smiling on me today... Emerald First Arrived!

  1. Many of you know I've been on a Bbag binge lately. I actually find myself disgusting, and this bingeing obscene. But such is the nature of addiction... it aint purty!

    But this bag is purty, so allow me to share, even though I realize my binge is kind of gross. Also, to those who are as disgusted by my bingeing as I am, please be forewarned... there are many more Bbags yet to be delivered to me in the coming days.

    Compliments, admonishments, and psychotherapy are all welcome.
    newstuff 001.jpg newstuff 004.jpg newstuff 005.jpg
  2. Many in the next few days?? Hilarious! I'm not disgusted, just envious!

    She's beautiful, keep indulging! You're talking to enablers here!
  3. what all did you get ??? :drool:
  4. Emerald is a very pretty color. The First is cute in it. Congratulations on your ?? Bbag this week!
  5. wow gorgeous color :smile:
  6. She's gorgeous! What other "goodies" have you got coming??
  7. Thank you for supporting my addiction :sweatdrop: .

    queenvic, I'm awaiting another 3 to be delivered (gosh, I hope that number doesn't climb:wtf: ): 05 smooshy gray City; 05 smooshy bordeaux Work; and 06 veiny caramel City.
  8. :drool: Wow! You are one lucky lady! Make sure you post lots of pics, your collection will be the envy of PF!;)
  9. Wow honey, you're really on a roll! :lol:
    Congrats on getting a new bag!

    And yea.. pray tell, what else is in store? :P
  10. Congrats and enjoy the binge!
  11. ^^ lol, you're a goner girl, congrats & condolences :P :smash: :angel:
  12. congrats! and i look forward to more binge posts!
  13. me likey!! :yes:
  14. Beautiful! I love Emerald, congratulations!
  15. LOL deco you are indeed hoarding bbags ! congrats and welcome to bbag addiction