B Bag girls, are you big city or small town...???

  1. And I don't mean small town like a suburb of LA or NY...but out in the country somewhere? I have never seen one anywhere...I love them, but where are all the B Bag girls living??? I'm small town...4 hours north of Boston, so I see VERY little and VERY little of that is even authentic...a few LV's, chanel, but NO B Bags! Who's buying them???:confused1: Are most of you out of the USA?

    PS...no, I don't own one, got to see one to buy it and eBay scares me to death...esp B Bag wise! I can tell a fake LV from a messed up blurry picture, but B Bag's are for experts only...
  2. I'm about as small town as they come, and I've NEVER seen one in my neck of the woods. I work in Chicago though, and I see them all the time there.
  3. Hello!!I live in a small town in Sweden, Europe...I have a frind here that also have a lot of bags but he is in to Gucci and LV. My favourite bags are Balenciaga I also have Gucci, LV, MJ and Paddingtons....I love bags and shoes...:heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. ^^ i'm a big city girl (nyc baby!!!) :wlae:
  5. I live in Brussels (capital of Belgium, Europe), I see quite a lot of LV , Gucci and some B bags...there're much less B bags compare to other design names, because there's no balenciaga boutique here in Belgium, have to go to Paris (the nearest city)...I think that's may be why.

    A girl in my gym club has one Bbag (a black city), I'm so jealous:drool:....still hunting for my first Bbag.... :sweatdrop:
  6. i live about 30 mins from denver, in a medium sized town. There is a college where I live that is full of rich kids and it is also a growing tech industry. So I see a lot of LVs and guccis (worn by older women and college kids), but never see any bbag. Altho, I saw 2 fakes in one day in Denver once:yucky:
  7. I'm in Toronto, it's the biggest city in Canada. However, women here are not nearly as brand-conscious as in the US except in a few little pockets of style within the city...
  8. Hi gals and guys, I live in Thailand...yah, a small country and far from most of you. :balloon:
    I see lot of fake balenciaga here and most ppl dont know how difference between the authentic and fake BBags!:smash:
    Actually, I see many gals with the terrible fake bags of LV, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, etc. everyday.:yucky:
    Here, in Thailand, there are 2 Balen shops where are available a few styles and colors of bags. :hysteric:
    Definitely, BBag seems very expensive here. I just visited BBag shop and saw that the Work costs more than US$1800. (But I'm not sure about the price in other countries.)
    I think LV is the most popular brand among Thai ppl. Some of my friends said that they would prefer to pay much $$$ for LV than BBag. :shrugs:
    For me, I love both but a little bit more for Balenciaga :smile:
  9. I've been big city (NYC, the source of my very own heart beat!!!) my whole life. I just got into B Bags this November, so of course until then I never noticed who had them and who didn't. Now I have B Bag radar...if there's one within two blocks, I'm on it!
  10. I think Denver qualifies as a big city, or at least a city.:shame:
  11. I'm right in the heart of London BABY!! I very rarely see BBags....Paddingtons seem to rule the streets and I see quite a few MJ Stams!! I know there are lots of BBag girls out there...but I never see you??
  12. I live about 5-6 hours north of NYC; I have seen one B-bag in my area and quite frankly, I was shocked. So to answer the question, I have had to purchase almost all of my handhags site unseen. I have ordered from Sherise, Aloha Rag, and have purchased off eBay. I would love to be able to go to a shop and fondle the bags myself!
  13. I'm in Westchester County in NY. I see Bbags in Manhattan but not too much here in Westchester. I see more Chanels and LVs here.
  14. I live in Salt Lake City. I've seen one fake bbag here and that's it!
  15. I live in SF Bayarea...but not in SF, more suburbs..and I hardly ever see a b-bag here unless it's someone I know wearing one. I did see a fake at the mall the other day...really shiny hard looking camel leather! When I go into SF though I hardly see them there either. LV and Gucci are huge here.