B-bag for weekends?

  1. I love my City bag, but it feels more like a workday bag. I haven't received my Grenat City yet, but I'm already plotting my next conquest :wlae:(I'm sure none of you can relate :P ) and was thinking about a Caramel Twiggy for a more casual weekend bag. I want something I can wear on my shoulder if need be.

    So chime in, feedback please!
  2. I love Twiggys. I think they are so comfy and I can carry it better than I can carry my city.
  3. YES!
    lol, that was my big 'yes' to a caramel twiggy. i LOVE twiggys.
  4. pseub, have you thought about the purse? it a perfect shoulder bag and a totally different look than the city. but the twiggy is a nice alternative too.
  5. i'm with esile, i would say the purse too, or maybe a hobo
  6. Or how about a Day? Its def. a shoulder bag, and its more casual/less 'workday' than the City.
  7. How are the Purse and Hobo sizewise compared to the City?
  8. pseub, the purse is slightly larger than the city in width and length, but thinner, which makes a huge difference with the amount of stuff you can put inside. the day/hobo carries more than the city because the bag is deeper. but i think, if you are looking for a "bbag for the weekends", the purse would be a great size. the day is more of an everyday bag. you can follow this link to LP's blog to get the exact dimensions.

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
  9. yeah a twiggy would be great for weekend use - hehehe, i'm always plotting my next b-bag conquest... i havent used my twiggy in awhile - but she great!!!
  10. yeppers, i'm with helen, i usually use my miss twiggy on weekends :love:
  11. I think a hobo would be so chic; it is a very casual bag that adds a little funk to your outfit.

    I also love twiggies though, so whichever would be nice!!
  12. I'm still kind of leaning toward the twiggy. I saw a woman with an 05 caramel twiggy a few months ago and it was smashing. But I think before I decide I'm going to go peruse the different styles at Barney's.
  13. I vote for the hobo/day. It is just so easy to use. I should say though that I am not a fan of the twiggy style.
  14. Well, I spoke to Joseph this morning and he told me that the caramel is not like last year's caramel. He said it's more of an "apricot." So I might go for the truffle instead. He's going to send me pics of both.
  15. here's my new caramel (cognac) twiggy to help you decide :tender:
    DSCF2521 REV.jpg