B-Bag for a first timer!

  1. Hi! I've never had a Balenciaga bag before, but I really love them and I think they'd fit my style much more than my LV's. I lately have felt like my LV's seem a little "off" with my clothing... like too classic looking or not fun enough or something! I'd describe my style as a Lindsay Lohan/Nicole Richie-ish.

    So what would be a good first-time Balenciaga bag? I'd like one that would look good with basically anything! I'm 18, 5'4", 105 pounds. I have a trendy, fun sort of style. But I'd also like one that would be okay for when I look really casual!

    Also, do they hold up well? I've heard things from different people, some saying they fall apart in a year and others saying they're amazing. Thank you so much, I'm just in love with these bags! :heart:
  2. I like the first bag! Or city if you like a bigger one.
  3. I have a first and just ordered a city.

    So far the first is perfect for me - but lots of people do say it's too small for their needs. I ordered a city so I can carry my camera & sweater in my bag :yes:

    Are you looking for a neutral or bright color?
  4. Hi Mandy welcome to the Balenciaga forum. Try the City or Twiggy. The First is nice but you can't get much in it. No they do NOT fall apart in a year. Look on eBay and see all of the bags that are from 2005 and even earlier and many of them look almost like new. The leather is buttery soft, that's what everyone loves about them, so if you toss it on the floor of restaurants, etc. yes, it will get stained and scuffed but I don't do that with my LV's either.
    Get your first one, you will be back for more. ;)
  5. LVMandy-I was in a similar situation as you a few weeks ago. I was also really into LV and bought a few of their bags and many of their accesories. However I started getting tired of the in-your-face monograms of LV and didn't really feel any of the newer styles.

    I switched to Balenciaga because its more of a streamlined, classic leather yet edgy/rocker type look. Now I don't even want to use my LVs or other bags! I bought 2 Balenciagas in the last 2 months!

    I think the first or city are the best bags for a Balenciaga newcomer because they are the classic balenciaga style.
  6. i say go for the first. I am planning on getting it for a day-evening, wear it with anything bag. now onto the colors...
  7. it all depends on your needs. If you carry a little, then start with a Black First. It's a bbag essential that you can never go wrong with. If you carry more, then go for a Black City, also a staple bbag. If you're daring, then go ahead and try some of the different colors old or new. Bbags are known for their amazing colors. The leather is VERY durable. Every bag (except 2) that i have bought/sold were pre-loved and the leather is streched, soft, but still very strong. In the meantime while you are deciding just take a look around and see what you like! :smile:
  8. hey. I'm also 18 years old and a university student and I have a very much similar style as yours and to be honest I absolutely can't go anywhere without my ink city. The city style is very much big enough for me to carry all my essentials to school, going out, or any other place. Also since my bbag color is a neutral it goes with basically everything in my wardrobe. I've had my bag for alittle under a year now and it looks even better now than when I first purchased her. The leather has become super soft and just buttery the more I use it. I'd say that bbag leather is very durable and I pretty much abuse my bags especially this particular bag..I carry her everywhere litterally! :p

    Anyways I'd definitely recommend the city style and for your first bag definitely go for a neutral that way you can get the most use out of it...you can always buy the fun/hip colors later. Goodluck! :smile:
  9. since you're quite petite, i'd say go for a first! it depends what you're using it for though. it doesn't hold many books but i find that i can at least put 1 or 2 (small) notebooks in the first along with my pens + wallet, phone and keys... i would also pick a fun neutral (like a blue that's easy to match) color..
  10. Get a city!! I love the city style and it looks bigger or smaller depending on how much you have stuffed in it since it slouches. Balenciaga leather is TDF and is a nice non-label alternative to LV (although I have just started to love LV too!)
  11. WELCOME! I love Balenciaga because of the leather but most of all because I'm not a fan of logo bags. It really depends on what your needs are on what size you should get. If you want to try Balenciaga out to make sure you like them without paying a lot I would try a smaller bag unless you always carry a lot. Let us know a little what you carry on a normal basis and then we can give you some more detailed opinions on size.
  12. Thanks everyone for all of your great help! I really appreciate it! And it's wonderful to hear that the bags hold up well, that was my main concern!

    Since a few people asked...I carry a lot of stuff, and I prefer larger bags. I was really into small bags a few years ago so I bought a ton and now I don't really know what to do with them lol. I think I'll start selling them on eBay or something. Thanks again! :smile:
  13. I would say look into a City or a Part-Time then... City holds more then the First, and the PT carries more then the City. I have a PT that I will use when I want to carry alot of extra things with me, i.e. sweater, books, things for school, etc...

    I would definately based on your style you described, I think you'll be very happy with Balenciaga... and like Powder mentioned, you'll be back for more!! :graucho:
  14. Welcome to the club:graucho:
  15. I would get a city in a color you are really attracted to. It's a great size and looks great on everyone.