B-Bag First (Classique) in Pewter on eBay

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  1. i might hafta get that pewter......
  2. :love: :love: :love: The pewter!!!!
  3. Is Pakeprincess someone on this forum?
  4. Are you sure she's legit? I read her auction and she does not have the authenticity card nor receipt? I just placed a bid.. I hope its real...
  5. oh come on, how come no one wanted my pewter last week?

    and that's the 2004 pewter, i don't even like the finish on that one that much...*grumble*
  6. wow. only 650. gah...
  7. Amanda...you always make me laugh!
  8. If that was a white City or Twiggy, I would buy it :love: I'm getting a hankering for another B-bag :shame: