B-Bag fever, who's got it?

  1. I've been totally obsessed with b-bags lately. So much so i'm even considering selling one of my other bags (in ebay) to finance a rouge vif City bag.

    I used to adore balenciaga - then I strayed and found a few other brands that I loved (chloe and ysl) but now i'm all about b-bags - all of the time.

    Am I sick or what?
  2. Oh tell me about it, beaux! My whiskey Paddy ain't been gettin no love for a while.. lol! Bbag fever has struck here too!
  3. *raises hand*
    Beaux - you are not alone. I am seriously "ill"!!!! :Push:
    I'm coveting most of the fall colors and think of Bbags constantly!
  4. welp, i'd love to tell you "don't worry girl, you're not sick", but the truth is you've definitely got b-bag fever :true:...and as far as we know, there's not cure for it yet :hrmm:...unfortunately, many of us feel that if we only buy 1 more b-bag, the fever will go away...but unfortunately, this only feeds the fire & the fever :wtf:...the more we buy, the more we want & that's the vicious cycle that ensues :smash:...i'm hoping that someone is able to find an answer to this bizarre phenomenon :search:...until then, hold onto your wallet & hide your CC, until help is on the way :sos:

    p.s. as you can tell by my frenzied post, i've obviously lost it!!!
  5. :yahoo: :wlae: i've totally got the B-Bag fever!!! 24/7!!! hehehehe!!! i love having the B-Bag fever!!!! :nuts: :nuts: weeeeeee heeeeeeee - come along for the ride, b-bag sistas!!!
  6. I'm so glad i'm not the only one!!! I really believe that if I could just swing the rouge vif - then all would be calm for a while (he he).

    (although i'm also lusting big time for the Muse snow leopard bag!) *sigh*
  8. Ahahahaha! I concur with you, AAA!!! That's not how the "fever" works! LOL!
  9. Oh, I fully realized i'm kidding myself! Don't worry, i'm not that far gone!:P :P :P
  10. fever!!!
    so many good songs with "fever" are running through my head.

    "night fever" from saturday night fever, "you give me fever" by peggy lee, "fever" by kylie minogue...
  11. Oh, I gots the fever alright!

    I have mentioned this before, but I feel like I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

    The angel loves having money in the savings account.

    The devil loves Balenciaga! (not Prada!)
  12. ^^LOL! That could be a sequel!
  13. Oh, I definitely have the B-bag fever on high power lately!! :sos:
  14. Count me in. I just got myself fire engine red and bluenerry red work bags....Now I am itching about getting a weekender...:graucho:
  15. That is a really good and true explanation. My hubby even threatened me to take my cc away if I buy another bag now:crybaby: (I just came home with a grenat city yesterday)I actually don't use my other bags as much as my B-bags and really consider to sell one or two so that I can buy even more B-bags. I guess we're all sick:yes: