B-bag fever again, so I've to sell LV

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Last days, I've cheated the Bal Forum with LV Forum:shame: ...

    but for good reasons : to finance my next Blue India:love: I have to sell one of my LV bags :crybaby: , and so I needed some supporting and advices/counsels from LV Pfer...
    The LV Ladies have been very kind and helpfull:love: ...so I've finally placed my first announce on e-bay...

    But now I'm a little bit sad:crybaby: because I'm maybe going to say goodbye to my Alma...
  2. you'll love your b-bags... for your happiness, i also sold my alma MC to support a b-bag before :P
  3. Don't be sad!!! It will all be worth it!!!:smile: :yes: ;)
  4. :lol: this is a common occurence on this board. WARNING! once you meet balenciaga... all other brands just disappear! (and its totally worth it)
  5. I totallly understand. I have two LV's being sacrificed right now :sad:
  6. that is so true livethelake... this balenciaga is like a total HOT HOT teaser
  7. I just don't know what to do either!!! I have an LV Pegase 60 that I am considering selling but I just can't bring myself to do it! I don't use it and it just sits in the closet! Even when I travel I don't use it! I just look at it!:lol: My husband says I should part with it but for some reason I can't- even though I'd like to have the money to put towards a Bbag! What should I do???:girlsigh:
  8. do it! do it! :lol: imagine a beautiful new fall color in its place *soft music plays* :yes:
  9. zacorey , why don't you sell it and buy a BALENCIAGA WEEKENDER?? :wlae:
    you still cna use it for travelling :P
  10. I know- everyday I debate,debate and debate! I need encouragement!
  11. Sea- I know! I have 2 LV keepalls I use! I love LV luggage!
  12. zac, i've been having this problems too, i have so many bags i don't use but i still don't have a heart to sell it. so i brace myself by selling it to get BAGS that i will truly wear.
    and although it hurts a t first, it felt good in the end.
  13. ~K~ so y'all know Im a major Bbag lover also, but Im and LV girl too!! (Oh yeah, and Chloe.) Im getting my LV batignolles Horizontal and mono koala wallet today!! No way am I ditching my City, but hey, change is FUN!! Right ladies??
  14. Thanks guys!!! You are the only ones that can understand!!! If I sell then I can get a Bbag- and I know I'll use it!
  15. hey zacorey i know how you feel (and all you other ladies!). i started my purse obsession with the paddington, sold it to get the edith, sold that to get a stam and now am considering selling the stam to fund my now uncontrollable bbag love!
    i keep debating everyday whether or not to sell the stam because although i love it, it is so heavy! ahhh, what's a girl to do?
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