B-bag encounters

  1. I was at Urban Outfitters today (I know, babd, bad, me) and saw a lady with a beautiful Marron First and had to compliment her. She then gushed about how much she loves it and got it as a gift from a lady she helps out (Lucky her!).

    Anybody else chat with strangers about B-bags too?

  2. No, but I wish!!! I only see b-bags from afar unfortunately, so I don't have any chances to gush (which I totally would)!!!
  3. I saw another one on a lady who was shopping at Neiman. It was a Pewter Hobo or City. I can't remember. Anyway, my BF and his friends were holding me back because I wanted to see her bag up close! Haha.
  4. Well Ive come across a lot of of girls wearing bbags in Paris (I live near Colette(a hype luxury shop) so thats where I get to see all the fashionistas on a daily basis), most of them had a black city or first, had this nicole richie meets Kate Bosworth starlet look (okay I shouldnt bash them too much cause I know I may also look like that sometimes) and had rather arrogant stares...like hum I look so fabulous and I know it...didnt make me wanna start a conversation...but I think I defeinetely would if I saw a girl with a friendly look
    otherwise Ive seen a lot of colourful first fakes on the metro...god couldnt help staring to see all what was wrong...

    2 days ago (I live in Berlin now) I saw like 2 Nicky Hilton look alike twins walking on the streets and one of them was wearing what I thought to be a marron work...couldnt help but running up to her to get a closer look (thank god she didnt notice...god Im so obsessed Im trying all the time to spot B bags...:ninja: ) only to realize it was a cheap cheap fake... I thought I was going to puke... let alone start a conversation...like hum "are u aware you're carrying a big turd around... it hurts my eyes!":yucky:
  5. Haha! I totally do that with premium jeans too (my other obsession). I'm like "OMG! Those are fake True Religions!! How embarrassing! Should I tell her??" I also love playing spot the fake on LVs and Burberry when I'm waiting for food in restaurants. My friends think I'm a nut case!
  6. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Unfortunately, I never see anyone carrying a Bbag where I live. I have seen a few Bal knockoffs but mostly I see LV's (real & fake).
  8. nope, altho i always see this girl wearing a blue box on my bus. i see her a few times a week, and all we do is check out each others bags but we never say anything to each other, but it is tempting, but being in nyc, it is hard to strike up conversations with strangers.
  9. olfa, i totally know what you mean about the girls that shop on rue st honore/rue du faubourg st honore. i always saw so many girls with 'it' bags around there who always looked so stuck up. i've seen alot on blvd st germain too...surprisingly in the monoprix (grocery store) at the corner there too! i've seen ink and grey cities there
  10. I kind of wish that in the B-bag sighting thread, a PFer would actually spot another PFer. I don't think that's happened yet, but that would be an awesome B-bag encounter, don't you think?
  11. exactly! well I guess its because the Monoprix in St Germain is about the only place where u can grab lunch without having to apply for another student loan:wtf: (I eat there pretty often), are u from Paris too or u just happen to know very well the city? In my view there are more models and foreign girls in St Honore and in St Germain its more fashionista students, SAs, etc. The look on their face ist just so...god why would u look so stiff when u have such a great bag??...
  12. Another one! I saw a lady with a white twiggy last night while eating out late. She wasn't too chatty though. She was super protective of it, she had her arms around it while she ate. Reminded me of a new mom with a new born infant.
  13. I saw a gal in SF Marc Jacobs with a 05 turquoise city a couple weekends ago. I was totally ogling it and drooling.

    Maybe it was someone on the forum?

    I didn't tell her how much I loved her bag, but I should have!
  14. Wow, I would have been drooling too!!