B-Bag dark red leather small motorcycle bag

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  1. Oh oh oh! <drools> Just in case anyone is interested, I saw this bag on Bluefly. It's on sale from $995 to $796 :love:
  2. hmm...that is the box style, and at a very good price.
  3. 10% off if you are a new customer. hmmm.....
  4. Does that "10% off for a new customer" still apply even to an already discounted item though?
  5. Did you buy it Spicepearl??

    Now, there is a City on the site but it is being sold at retail. Bluefly has (IMHO) deceptive pricing at times. They say the retail is $1495; but, I thought that the City bags are $1195 retail.

    They are selling the City at $1140. I wonder where they are getting these B-bags?? :weird:
  6. Hi Loganz! No, I didn't buy it. I think I'd prefer a slightly bigger one. *Sigh* It's cute though!
  7. I don't know much about B-Bags and what all the different names and sizes are, so I'm not all that familiar with their prices either. Still learning though ;o) Hmmm ... you sound a bit concerned?
  8. Oh no I am not concerned...just curious. :amuse: Bluefly is a good company, nothing weird there...
  9. Phew ... Thank you Loganz! You've been very helpful ... Cheers ;)
  10. they had a red paddington this morning, too. by the time i saw it and put it in my cart, it was already gone :sad:
  11. :sad: Oh no! I'm so sorry amanda! Seems you have to be really quick with these things. Maybe they'll have another red one up for sale, you never know. If they do, and I ever see it, I'll let you know!
  12. A red paddy :love: wow - that made some lucky lady's day.
  13. Awk, it's gone... they're all gone! :cry:
  14. How much was the red paddy going for on bluefly? ::curious::
  15. That's surprising! I'm sure it flew off the "shelf". How much was it going for?
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