B-BAG Chocolate City (First) - on eBay

  1. That's a nice color :love:
  2. Ceejay, you are awesome!
  3. Wow! What a great color!!!!
  4. I hope nobody here bid on this bag, because I'm pretty sure that it's a fake: the chocolate color was released for pre F/W 05 so the paper tag should say 2005 3, instead of 2005 1. Plus the leather looks off, and I don't think the hardware is the right color!
  5. the mirror is wrapped in plastic and the pictures seem to inentionally avoid showing the bales??? :amazed:
  6. Uh oh! :amazed: There were a lot of bids on it, too.
  7. Yeesh ... was that last photo (of the Mirror wrapped in plastic) just put there? I don't remember seeing it when I first looked at this auction :blink: :cry: !!!!

    Yes ... that totally SCREAMS Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sad: :Push: :wacko:
  8. That's a lot for a fake!!:cry:
  9. YUP .. but this is the tactic that a lot of the scammers use. If they were to start the auction at a low bid, then people would automatically think that it's fake (without having to take a closer look).