B*Bag Boys

  1. C'mon guys! Show us your B*Bag collections!:yes: Modeling pics are a plus!:graucho: I'll start us off with my very first B*Bag. Café Besace Messenger.:tup:
  2. my Men's Day Trio:
    taupe '05, black '05 and chocolate '06. hmmm... maybe its time for a fourth.
  3. Great collection!! Considering the Men's Day for my second Bbag purchase. By the way, if it's not time you can make time for a fourth...LOL.:tup:
  4. yay for our bbag boys!!!!! --yall have great taste!
  5. What a feeble response from the boys so far. Are the rest of you too shy to join in?

    Brave boys - I think that your bags are fabulous. I would be so impressed if you walked past me in the street.

    Congratulations - almost makes me wish I was a lad too!!!
  6. Wowww you guys have GORGEOUS B Bags :wtf: :drool:

    I wanna date a B bag boy now!!!! :graucho:
  7. Here's my 06 Sapin Besace :p

  8. Finally can join the Bbag Boys Club!!! :yahoo:
    Got my very 1st Bbag last monday. Its the 06 Men's Day. The leather is so soft and i dun know wat's the blue called (dk tealish irl) but i love it anyway!!! :smile:
    blu day.JPG blu puddle.JPG
  9. Welcome to the club floatingblue & shopboy! You both have made great choices! Congrats! I feel like I need to explore more colors for my next purchase!
  10. Gorgeous shopboy! And I want to see more boys with bbags, especially modelling pics! How does a mens Day look when worn? I love the taupe 05 above, beautiful and chewy. And in the closer-up pic, the chocolate Day. Yum!
  11. Thanks LV&Lexus for your welcome. :smile:
    Here's my modelling pics. The pics are taken indoor w/o flash so the color of the bag is not so vivid.
    This is so addictive, i've my 2nd Bbag on its way. Afterwhich, i must go on a bag:ban: or rehab. LOL
    1stBal.JPG BbagBoy.JPG
  12. Thanks Kymara! :smile:
    Here's another pic of the bag in daylight. I prefer to carry it on my shoulder. Sling across the body makes it heavier imo.
    Pardon my funny expression. :p
  13. I think it's sexy. A bbag+a boy. You go boys.
  14. Love the photos - that is a great colour and style for you.
  15. Technically this is not from the Men's range, but i love the style alot!
    My 2nd Bbag: Plomb GSH Work!