b-bag advice from balenciaga nyc

  1. ladies, i just called balenciaga in nyc & asked them what type of sprays or lotions i should use on my bag...and the sales girl told me not to use anything :huh: ...she said you can use a tiny bit of lotion if the leather gets dry...but that you shouldn't have to use anything on them at all :smile: ...i asked her if it was okay to carry my bag in the rain (under an umbrella of course) & she said not to worry about that either ;)
  2. bal sales people have been telling me that for years. remember, they dont want to be responsible if your bag gets damaged for recommending a product they dont sell! in paris and nyc bal the sales people have shown me what they use on a scratch, nonscented , sensitive skin lubriderm! it does get rid of surface scratches, keeps leather soft, but is not a real cleaner.... lots of PFers rave about apple guard.
  3. wow, thanks so much for the lubriderm tip :smile:
  4. That's true about BNY not wanting to be held liable should something happen.

    I think the AG products are wonderful and use them with all of my bags and haven't had any problems.
  5. hmmm, none of my bags have been sprayed with anything.... hehehe, geez, maybe i dont care about them that much *blush*
  6. ^^^ I'm not ready to spray my bag until the leather gets dry or there's something wrong with it.
  7. Appleguard spray is very safe on every color I've tried it on (don't have any white bags) very protective of rain, spills etc. As Chaussurewhore said every design house will tell you not to use anything ... but... you will save yourself a lot of problems, especially on the handles, with just a light spraying every few months.
  8. plus, the sales people wanna sell more bags, i am on my second white bal bc after my first white twigy was professionaly cleaned, to me, it was not the same and i sold it.
  9. Actually when I asked Joseph about Apple Garde yesterday, he said that it's the one product that's OK to use, as his customers had given him good feedback about it.
  10. where can you buy apple garde online? Should you buy the spray or lotion?
  11. leatherstuff.com
    I use both the Apple Garde (rain & stain repellant spray), and Apple Care (conditioner)
  12. I agree with this. I like to use the Apple Garde especially on the handles, I just feel more comfortable carrying and loving the bag if I know it is protected. :heart:

    Giggles, you can purchase apple garde at leatherstuff.com, or check out applepolishes.com for locations.
  13. Lubriderm the whole bag or just the scratches??? That's what a cobbler told me to do today.
  14. i just do scratches,but have used lubriderm on areas that look dry so the bags stay soft. it does take away light, light surface dirt without changing the color. i have used it on white, sky blue and bubblegum pink.