Azzedine Alaia Lace Ankle Boots

  1. I bought a pair of used Azzedine Alaia Lace Ankle Boots for my wife, for :heart:day. They have been used only once, apparently!

    Does any one have an idea of which season they are from, only I hav'nt been able to find any reference to them on the internet? I know very little about them so I will be very gratefully for any information you can supply.
    Lace Boots 1.jpg Lace Boots 2.jpg
  2. Wow I think these are pretty hot! Sorry but I have no info, just wanted to say nice choice!
  3. I don't have any info but I love the one pair of Alaia heels I had (I sold them used on eBay about a year ago. They were so fancy and wearable at the same time. I'm glad someone on TPF got these boots - I was watching them but they weren't my size.
  4. Hot boots! My b/f seriously needs to take some pointers from you. He's a little slow in the buying gifts dept. LOL

    I don't know anything about them, but I just wanted to tell you they are very pretty and I'm sure your wife will be pleased. :smile:
  5. Thanks for your comments boslvuton, compulsivepurse and ashakes.

    I've now spent some time looking for information on these Azzedine Alaia boots and frustratingly conceded defeat when I found absolutely nothing about them :shrugs:.

    I'm now hoping that amongst the shoe lovers on this forum some :angel: will come to my aid.
  6. Wow those are beautiful! Sorry Im no help
  7. Those look like they have been worn more than once. :blink: They are gorgeous though! I believe those are from the fall 06 collection. :thinking:
  8. Hope that helps. :flowers:
  9. Well spotted Tigress :tup:

    I received them in the post this morning and the box has 'AW06' marked on it, which must be Autumn/Winter 2006. The shoes are in wonderful condition and I think the belt tied box they come in must be worth nearly as much as I paid for the shoes.

    The quality of these shoes are outstanding. The leather internal lining looks such high quality and the black patent finishes to the rear seams, zip pulls and zip internal flaps just oozes craftsmanship.

    Can't wait to see my wife's face when I give them to her ;). Does any one know what the original price would have been?
  10. I think they had these in Browns last winter and were around the £500 mark
  11. I added another photo that I took today. I think it shows the Patent detailing slightly better than the earlier ones. There is even a patent detailing around the top edge of the boots.

    The heels show that these have hardly been worn, as they look like new.
    Alaia Boots 4.JPG
  12. Thanks Mooks.

    What part of London are you from? Although I live in Cornwall now my youth was spent in the South West of London (Roehampton/Putney).
  13. Ahh not too far from me, I'm in Kingston
  14. Ahh, I used to work, as a Chartered Engineer, for British Gas in Richmond Road, Kingston. I believe the site is now full of shops?

    I was a District Operations Manager and my area stretched from Tibbets Corner, Wimbledon, to West Byfleet near Woking.
  15. My parents live in West Byfleet!