azus owner

  1. is azus easily get dirty....or anything can clean those dirts on the handle and the bag itself...
  2. The handles will get dirty after a lot of uses no matter what, but the Azur canvas will stay clean nearly all the time. If there is any dirt on it, it should wipe right off with a damp cloth.
  3. I agree. I have the Azur 30 and I've had no problems with it. I've carried it quite a few times and it still looks new. The canvas isn't a dirt magnet.
  4. I third that! I too have the Azur 30 and the pochette and they both have stayed quite clean. I was worried about them at first but I have really relaxed.

    I hope you love it if you get one!
  5. thanks....gals
  6. I've had my azur speedy for months and though I don't use it everyday, it still looks brand new.
  7. I use my Azur Saleya MM and GM all the time and they never show dirt...that's what I love about them!
  8. I've used my azur speedy 30 for months....still looks great.
  9. I totally agree.
  10. may i know the azur 30 lining is make of what?
  11. I have a problem with my Azur naviglio catching denim dye that I have a hard time getting off. Other then that my speedy 50 doesn't get as dirty.
  12. Only thing that will get dirty is likely the handles. The canvas retains its cleaniness.
  13. Yes, I was also worried about keeping this bag clean as I am usually terrible with light colored bags. But so far so good. The handles do get a little dirty but nothing major. I think once it patina's it will be okay.
  14. It has a very light tan textile lining. I'm assuming it's cotton.