azur's staying power?


azur's staying power

  1. sure to become a classic

  2. won't last after the hype is gone

  3. it's so strange, wish it were gone now

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  1. Do you think the azur line is going to be around for a while? I am strongly considering getting an azur speedy 30 in April, but hesitate because I am concerned the line isn't going to stick around. To be honest I really didn't like the azur line until only recently. It was so different and just looked strange to me. The appeal is to have a bag that is seasonal, as I live in a seasonal climate. I was always the type to put away the brown/black bags come April. Please tell me what you predict about the line's future and your feelings on the line altogether. I already know that some only like it in small doses, like pochette, which is good to know as well. I just hate to buy a bag for 600+ only to have it be discontinued by the following spring or a couple of years later. TIA
  2. I think it will turn out like the MC murakami line did, stay longer and turn classic.
  3. I too was worried about this before I decided to buy something from the azur line. I bought a, azur pochette rather than the speedy, which was my original intent. That way, if the line turns out to be something more "trendy" than "classic" at least I didn't shell out a lot of $$ for it. However, the more I look at the line the more it appeals to me, and it seems to me that it will be a classic. I think it will stick around for a while.
  4. I think it will become a summer classic, it's so fresh and cute! And hopefully, there will be more azur bags to choose from, just like the regular damier.
  5. Azur line will be a permanent line, extended progressively to more LV handbags and accessories.
  6. I love azur - with its current popularity, it will probably be permanent.
  7. I think it will become a classic.
  8. I asked about the azur at the boutique and they said it would be part of the permanent line.
  9. I don't think this line is only for summer - I've seen people dressing up in pretty white clothes carrying an azur speedy in winter, to celebrate our first snow fall maybe? hehe

    And the fact that they're not trying to make any new styles with azur - it's our same old speedy, saleya, noe... friends. So maybe some think that this is a summer only bag, it can be worn summer after summer after summer!
  10. I see it becoming a classic. it's so sweet.
  11. I thought it was a bit odd that it was released in November, but I'm guessing that was to catch the Christmas sales - I'm expecting it will be a classic especially for each spring and summer season - at least that's how I am personally looking at it. I do not have one as yet, but I am definitely interested in one for that purpose. I am just waiting to see more styles come out - that Sporty sure looks promising :smile:
  12. i think this line is awesome, love to see LV lighten up, was getting sort of tired with the monogram canvas. I saw eluxury has the azur keepall and I want to order it next month.
  13. A definite spring/summer classic
  14. if damier ebony is a classic, then azur will be a classic because they are opposites. i dont know... they compliment each other..
  15. From what I've read on tPF and elsewhere I do believe it will be a permanent line and I am glad of that!