Azure Saleya vs Speedy 25 - Like the Saleya More!


AZURE Saleya PM vs AZURE Speedy 25 or 30

  1. AZURE Saleya PM

  2. AZURE Speedy 25 or 30

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  1. I saw the Azure Speedy 25 and the Saleya PM and may I say it is simply so GORGEOUS:love: ! It's a very light cream with blue/gray with a slight violet undertone, but it is very slight. I was going to go for the Speedy 25 but when I saw the Saleya PM, it was the one for me:heart: . I really like the speedy 25 but I loved it in Saleya.

    So who's getting or loving the Saleya PM and who isgetting or loving the Speedy 25?
  2. I am getting the Speedy 30 when the Azur line FINALLY comes out on Wednesday!! LOL

    I love the shape of the fact, I will eventually get it in the GM size, However, I want to use it as a work bag, so I want to get it in the brown Damier print...I am worried that the Saleya Azur, if used heavily, will get 'grung' looking:sad:

    It is beautiful though:smile:
  3. I really like the Saleya PM in Azure. I'm not going to get one, though. I'm 5'9, and that bag looked so tiny on me at the store.
  4. I love the saleya, but thinking of getting the speedy 25 (since it's less expensive, getting a mc trouville this week also) so I just want a small piece of the azur.
  5. I like the speedy, but i really want a small accessory in the azur collection. Maybe next year! :crybaby:
  6. I say get whatever in the azur that you're not going to get in the damier :smile:
  7. yeah i agree

    i am goin to get speedy 30!
  8. I love the shape of the saleya and the interior:love: BUT I think I will get a speedy 30.
  9. I really like the saleya myself but I am getting the speedy 25, i :heart: speedies
  10. tough question.... i'd go for the saleya though....
  11. I like the alcantara interior that the saleya has and if I can sling the bag over my shoulders, then the saleya it is 'cos then I (hopefully) wouldn't need to touch the vachetta on the handles so much.
  12. I love SALEYA :tender:
  13. i love the saleya and plan on getting it, but not for a few months (if i can controll myself!). i feel that if i get a speedy in azur i might abandon my normal damier speedy, and i dont wana do that!!
  14. I like the saleya.
  15. Speedy 25 is at the top of my list :love: