Azure Pics

  1. A friend sent me these pics taken in a Montreal LV.The first is the better shot the second is a bit out of focus but I think the Noe' looks great in this canvas.The sandel is cute,I love the bag with the rope handles but I'm told that style will be limited.[​IMG]
  2. Oooh I love the mini pochette, so cute !
  3. GREAT pics Cat...thanks for sharing!!! I LOVE the BIG bag on the left in the second pic...its gorgeous!
  4. oh my...thank you for sharing..
  5. omg, thanks so much for posting!!! now i'm pretty sure i will love the azur irl!
  6. Love Saleya! Thanks for sharing.
  7. omg... I better cancel my order! This is definitely going to be another obsession.. Probably better offer window shopping here on the tpf instead..:yes:
  8. You're welcome ladies,I wish her second photo had been better I'm happy she passed these on.I've already seen this line last week at my LV.The color on these bags looks way better in natural outdoor lighting.
  9. Great pics...thanks for sharing!
  10. the pouchette is sooo cute, and love the tote as well!~
  11. The Saleya looks really good! I love the shiny, new, light vachetta on the matching light canvas...but not sure about patina'ed vachetta! Thanks for the pics!!
  12. The mini pochette is adorable!
  13. Thanks for the pics.

    I can't wait until my SA calls me in to see the Cabas Plage in person. The pics are very pretty
  14. I like them.
  15. very nice, thank you.