Azure Keepall....what about staining?

  1. Okay~ I have the azure keepall 50 in my shopping cart, but what about staining:confused1: How do you all think it will do as a travel bag? I would never check it at the airport etc... But I am not sure how it will withinstand staining/travel in general. I still haven't had a chance to see azure in person....any thoughts:confused1:
  2. I think it would be better to just go with the Damier versus the Damier Azur for the travel pieces.
  3. I agree with Michelle, I can't see how you can keep it looking good. Travel and gymbags get tossed around alot etc.
  4. The canvas very thin and light weight, IMO, and the vachetta looks like it will stain any second....... I'm a little nervous to touch the handles.. SHINING MONKEY here I COME! lol
  5. Ditto with the ladies. I'm just worrying about a tote/handbag which was purchase to travel. Now I'm changing my mind.
  6. Yea, I agree with the rest. I'll go with regular damier keepall. If you really like the azur, get another handbag from that line.
  7. I guess I'm gonna be the first to be the odd one out. If you were checking it in and knew it would be banged around a lot then I would not recommend getting it.

    But if you're getting the azur keepall to be carried-on and always carried by yourself - then I would think the main risk is getting the bottom of the keepall dirty, however, the rest of it should stay ok. Probably the biggest concern would just be watermarks on the vachetta. But the coated canvas like all the others are pretty durable and I'm sure any marks on the coated canvas part can be easily cleaned.

    Looking at the threads of the azur being photoshopped with patinaed vachetta, it looks really good.

    So if you have a high preference for the damier azur over regular damier - I'd say just get it! However, if you don't have a preference either way - then I guess it would almost make sense to go with the regular because it's definitely more low maintenance.

    Good luck with your choice!
  8. I agree

  9. I think the azure is more feminine (sp)...The regular Damier is more masculine IMO. I originally wanted Mono...but w/ the azure price....I likey a Lot!:flowers:

    Where do you get shinning monkey from?
  10. I think you should go for it, after all.. its going to stain darker anyways so it will eventually all blend :smile:
  11. I was surprised by how well the damier azur looks like it can age. It looks like it ages beautifully. Because the coated canvas is more light, when the patina darkens I don't get that "ugly getting dirty" feel as compared with you know those mono bags where the vachetta looks like it's threatening to turn dark brown/black.

    Although shining monkey can't prevent it, it'll slow down the oxidation process on the vachetta. I think the damier azur keepall will be a real head-turner cuz of its beauty as opposed to bling-bling logoed attention.

    If you love it - I say - why not?!
  12. How long can you keep things in your elux cart?
  13. I wanna say about a day?
  14. the azur is it and apple guard or shining monkey the hell out of it. its a beautiful piece. I can wait for my speedy to patina, it looks even better