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  1. So how do we feel about azur? Hoe delicate do you have to be with it?
  2. I love the azur print! I honestly think it's the prettiest LV print. However, having said that I don't like the "older" looking azur pieces with really dark vachetta. Where I live I see a lot of azur neverfulls and quite honestly I find most of them a little dirty looking because of the dark vachetta. People have also mentioned that you can get color transfer on azur bags since they are so light colored.
    I suggest you look at some of the used azur bags online and see how you feel about the darker vachetta. I only have one azur piece and I don't think I will get any more. The one I have is a favorite mm, which has very minimal vachetta.
  3. I love Azur but I only use it in the summer. I like the contrast of the's like a tan!
  4. I think it's such a pretty color for spring/summer.
  5. I adore azur. I don't have many pieces but I think we should all have one. :smile:
  6. I love azure... Azure with dark vachetta doesn't worry me. I have an azure neverfull as a beater bag, you can wash the canvas with soap and water if need be. I've had no problems at all with azure. The only issue is colour transfer from denim but I've never experienced it myself.
  7. I love it, I've had no problems with colour transfer, I'm also happy to wear it all year in England. I've got a NF a pochette and mini pochette in the print. I'm hoping to add something else to my collection soon.
  8. I have a Totally PM in azur and wear it all summer long. I don't really baby my bags and have never had any issues with it.
  9. I love Damier Azur! It's definitely my favorite of the canvas prints! I have a Neverfull GM in Damier Azur and I use it to death. I've used it several times as my carry on bag on a plane, countless times as a travel bag in the car, and even more as a purse/ tote. I've never had any issue with it at all!
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  10. I only have 1 Azur piece… a NF MM. Great summer casual tote.:sunshine:
  11. I have 3 Azur pieces. The Neverfull, insolite wallet and the Croisette. My Neverfull has never had an issue with color transfer but my Croisette did get the blue from my jeans on it. I'm not sure why my Neverfull has not had this issue since I've worn it almost exclusively with jeans, while traveling, stuffing under airplane seats and just everyday knock around bag. I really think it's a beautiful pattern but I probably would not wear it here in the winter since we get pretty bag snow and wet yucky weather. [emoji58]. I'm in Buffalo NY.
  12. Love Azur! I have a NF, Artsy, and Pochette Felicie.
  13. I love Damier Azur and I think it looks great new or with honey patina (not dirty vachetta, of course). I had just 1 incident of colour transfer on a corner of my Speedy 25 (from black jeans) but it was quickly wiped off with a damp white cloth. Also love using my Eva and Galliera PM in DA. I don't baby them at all!

    @gabz, what did you want to get in DA? :smile:
  14. Thanks! I am consdering a cles in this print
  15. Here is a pic of my lightly tanned NF ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462881793.961045.jpg
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