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  1. I like white and have been thinking a bag with azur canvas but I am not sure what to get. Do you any recommendation?:smile::smile::smile::smile:
  2. I Love the look of the azur speedy..
  3. I love love love my azur speedy :smile:
  4. speedy speedy :biggrin:
  5. Speedy! I'd carry one if I wasn't such a shoulder bag person!
  6. Speedy Azur is beautiful and lady like...
  7. Galliera Azur or NF Azur
  8. Galleria Azur!
  9. Speedy, neverfull, and artsy are my three favorite bags in azur.
  10. azur speedy looks really good
  11. Speedy or Galleria.
  12. My favorites in Azur are: Neverfull MM, Speedy 30, Galliera PM, and Totally MM. I have an Azure Speedy 30 and love it. I want to get a shoulder bag when we go to Hawaii in March but don't know which one to get! I'm going to follow this post!
  13. Personally don't like AZUR ! But......
    Totally, speedy, and hamstead are
    my best choices !!!
  14. Speedy, NF, Galliera, Totally PM or pochette, all cute in azur :love:
  15. Speedy or if you want a shoulder bag, Artsy! ...And NF or course.