Azur ?

  1. Ok this is a stupid question I know. BUT I don't know how long the Azur line has been out and I was kind of thinking an Azur Speedy 35 would be nice [especially next summer since I love it with white] I've read in other forums that this would not be possible to SO because it hasn't been out for 2 years or so?? Is this true?? And how long has the Azur line been out? TIA everyone!:yes:
  2. I guess no one knows ??
  3. Good question, I'd like to know how long it has been out too
  4. i know at least a year.... I want to say it came out in June of 07 but i'm really not sure
  5. I'm 99% sure they won't do any SO's in Azur hasn't been out long enough.
  6. Thanks Kimalee. Do you know how long the line has been out? And what do you think about next Feb/March?
  7. Azur was launched to coincide with Cruise 2007 and first hit stores in November 2006.
  8. Another question for the experts...SO's means?? Thanks!
  9. SO = special order.
  10. I'm crazy in love with azur... today have speedy 25, organizer, mini pochette and cles all in one... Have also been thinking the Naviglio would be a perfect add to my azur won't regret azur, at least I don't! I like it all year round actually....:yes: