*** Azur with Patina *** Still Pretty?

  1. I just got my azur speedy 25 for a while and I can't decide if I should keep it..
    I am worried that when it turns into patina, it will look ugly :wtf:. What do u girls think? Help me decide!
    Any picture of azur w/ patina? Please post. Thanks!
  2. I think all LV bags look great with a honey colored patina. I would just hold on to it.
  3. I'm sure it will still look good, as the cream parts have a kind of honey-ish undertone to the stitching so the patina will complement that.
  4. I think it will look great.. photoshopped of course :smile:
    both clean and dirty
    dirrrtyji7.jpg azurpatinagf3.jpg
  5. I think it'd look really good with patina.
  6. you know that looks pretty good! I might have to put this bag back on the list!
  7. Azur looks AMAZING with patina... I think you'll enjoy the results in the end. :yes:
  8. i think the patina will make this bag even more impressive. stay with the azur and let it patina on its own. it will be gorgeous in the end.
  9. yum. azur!
  10. I love the contrast actually, I prefer the azur with a bit of patina while on the other bags, I prefer them store white. :graucho:
  11. i think it would look nice with patina to a certain point. but its your choice to keep it or not.
  12. Ahh, I like it with the Patina.
  13. Love it with Patina...
  14. I have had my Speedy Azur 25 for about a month now. Ive been using it everyday, the handles have gotten a little darker already. If i buy something like "Shining monkey protector" will it slow down the patina
    or do I just need to use it less? I was thinking of buying something new so I dont need to use it everyday

    Any suggestions? :idea:
  15. I'm not sure if I like it with patina... but I love my azur speedy... still have not used it yet, but it's definitely a keeper.

    I think even white mc looks ok with patina... so azur, since it's also light-colored, should be fine too.