Azur wallet in regular Damier bag ?

  1. I have two regular Damier bags and a Azur Zippy Wallet and a Mono snap bill fold wallet. I think the mono looks better with it , but I prefer using the Azur Zippy. It keeps me so organized and theres not loose papers floating all around my bag. With all this rain I don't want to use my Azur Speedy .What do you think will it look odd and will the red inside on my new bags hurt it?
  2. I don't think it looks odd at all. I use my mono one in ALL my bags, regardless of the line.
    As for the red may want to check and make sure they aren't 'bleeders' first.
    You can do that by lightly wetting a white cotton piece of fabric and gently rubbing the inside of the bag. If it turns pink/red then it's a bleeder.
  3. i only have one wallet...azur french purse...and i use it in all my bags. :smile:
  4. i love damier with azur!
  5. I'm going to try the damp cloth thing before I put the Azur Zippy back in. Thanks Twiggers.
  6. Okay They are both bleeders what do I do now. The Alma left a very light pink mark, but the Saleya was bright pink and barely rubbed. Now what do I do ? I love both of these bags. But I really prefer a wallet that has more room than the mono I have. I guess I have to start saving again. Any suggestions welcome. I 've only had the Saleya for a week, but I love it.
  7. Any suggestions .
  8. I am pro-mix&match.
    Have fun with all your LV !
  9. I sometimes carry my Azur koala in my Ebene Saleya and it's fine. It doesn't "match", but that doesn't really matter to me.
  10. My saleya just turned a white cloth pink , yours does not I read . What should I do?
  11. Can you still exchange your Saleya?
  12. I live almost two hours from the boutique so I'm going to have to think about it.I wanted to start using it but I guess I'll wait while I think about.
  13. In terms of bleeding... be careful! But aesthetically, I think the azur wallet will look great!
  14. Thanks but I'm very worried that it will turn pink now.
  15. [​IMG]
    My Azur is fine.