Azur wait long do they take?!?!


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Oct 1, 2006
Hey guys!

As many know I'm going to get my Speedy azur for my birthday in March. I was wondering, if the azur wait list is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNGG should I put my name down now?! or wait until about end of Jan (assuming there still IS a list!) I don't want to put my name down now and get a call in like 2 weeks saying I can buy my bag cuz I don't want to buy it until March...

any idea?!
^I have actually had my Azur Speedy 30 for a few weeks now...I know that there was a huge demand, but my boutique should be getting some in January...I would put your name on the list (if there is one at your boutique) and buy it as soon as it comes in just to be on the safe side (and to beat the February price increase!! LOL)

Good luck!!
I called both my local stores maybe 2 weeks ago and there was still a waitlist for it! I lucked out getting it on elux:yes: I agree with Couturegrl, put your name on the list and buy it when you can. If you get it earlier than March, just keep it in the closet til then! Haha.
i got mine in like 3 days, my boutique has many shipments and sa usually lie to ppl they don't know well and charge their card and tell them to come pick it up.. anyway. my point is that they come in quick so no worries, but iw ould rather get it now cux feb is when the price increase hits, i thought it was in jan, so i bought mine as quick as possible.
I don't know if you still have to put your name down after Jan, I know my store will get more shipment in Jan. May be people will get azur to beat the price hike by the time you want it in march, it's gone again..
good point too bagsnbags!!

anybody know how much % this price increase is..I looked in the FEB 1st Price increase thread but didn't find anything....

are we looking at 3% like last time or is it gonna be big like 11%+!??!