azur vs mc

  1. i'm going to buy koala but i can't make a decision which one i gonna take azur or koala pls help me choose one. And i wanna know that if we use azur for long time the color will change is that true.
  2. I love them both. Do you have either a MC or Azur bag? If you have one of them I would pick a wallet to match. If you don't a bag from either line I would then pick the MC.
  3. Since I just got my first Azur (a Saleya MM) on Sat. I can not comment on color change 1st hand. But I have never read anything about Azur changing color. And I have read a lot of posts.
  4. ^^^ Yup, totally agree with beljwl. :tup:

    If you own an AZUR bag then get the AZUR KOALA.

    If you own and MC bag then get the MC KOALA.

    Therefore, you can have a matching bag and wallet.

    However, if you do NOT have an Azur or MC bag then I would get the MC KOALA. :yes:
  5. They're both terrific patterns so it would be hard to choose. Depending on what you carry in your bag, the azur might be more durable.
    I have had the azur speedy since March and have not experienced ANY trouble with it. It's easy to keep clean, and is still very crisp and fresh looking. HTH!
  6. i would go with the MC. my gf has it, so gorgeous.
  7. MC, the small print on MC accessories is adorable
  8. ^^I agree!
  9. I love the MC.
  10. I have them both, I'm of no help. :smile:

    MC goes with more, I think. I have it in white.
  11. MC definitely!:tup:
  12. MC :love: