???? Azur Trouville ????

  1. hey ladies, yesterday when I was in school, I caught glimpse of something azur because the handles on the bag were soooooooooo new. I got closer to her and she was carrying a Damier Azur Trouville! Is this bag new? or.... you know ... ::cough cough:: fake? I have never seen it or heard about it on PF. Does anybody know anything about this?
  2. It may have been a fake :throwup:
    Alot of the fakes have like brand new looking vachetta.
  3. but it sounds YUmmy. Azur Trouville. Sounds Very nice. Too bad Fakes are making it hard .
  4. Yup, sounds like a fake to me. :yucky:
  5. awh shucks... it looked really nice too... darn fakes, when i see her at school, i should shout her out lol.
  6. ^^^ Nah... that's not what a classy girl would do!!! :nogood:
  7. If you just caught a glimpse maybe it was another bag? Nolita or saleya PM would be about the same size.
  8. It reminds me an Azur Priscilla which I saw a woman carring it in August while I was walking along the Bloor Street (where all the brand name stores located there such as LV, Gucci, Chanel, Herems and so on ). I can't forget the bag since Priscilla is one of my favourite bag.
  9. twinkle, I caught a glimpse at first but then I walked up next to her and it was truly an azur trouville, def. not a saleya because i have that bag and def. not nolita....fakes are beginning to pop out in every style now huh..
  10. It's a fake. They're everywhere....don't let it bug you!
  11. That would be fake, but I bet it would be beautiful if LV made one!
  12. It would be a fake.
  13. is too early to SO azur? Although she would have ordered it at least 4 months ago so I guess not...
  14. Was never made! So what you saw was fake :sad:
    That line is too new so it wouldnt even be a s/o.
  15. fake for sure!