Azur Totally or Azur Galliera? Please I need some advices

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  1. Hey everyone! I've been waiting so long to buy an Azur bag since it has been released and now the time has come! However Im really confused which one to get between the Totally or the Galliera PM, I was also thinking about waiting for the Neverfull but as I already have the MM in mono I think I prefer to go with another style. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. hard decision...i want to see the totally in person. the straps look a bit shorter so i wonder if its as comfy on the shoulder. the galliera is a great bag, so i prob vote that! (but theres always the allure of a new bag!) since u already have a neverfull, i would get one of the others - good luck deciding!
  3. galliera!
  4. from the pic totally seems very easy to use, and the galleria is functional and glamorous. i'd pick galleria for those days when u are in a more dressy mood as u already have neverfull :smile:. galleria's shape is also more different compare to neverfull. i think totally's shape is slightly similar to the neverfull (wider top and smaller base V shape). have fun!
  5. I am also thinking of getting the Galliera during summer. Defintely go with the Galliera.
  6. I like the galliera! I am not a fan of neverfulls or neverfull-like bags.
  7. Totally has a zipper- makes it a more easy to carry bag!
  8. I think Galliera is more great-looking, but you may find Totally more functional.
  9. i'm having the same predicament. i love both styles. get BOTH if that's an option lol.

    if not, the only advantage i see the totally having is a zipper closure.
  10. go for the Totally
  11. I cannot find a picture of the totally - what does it look like?
  12. I am wondering about the new totally. I wondering how the shoulder straps are. I hope at least as long as the NF or the BH, if so, this bag is BOUGHT!!!
  13. Galliera gets my vote :smile:
  14. Just went and found it - I like the Galleria. I have it in monagram and it is so comfty and looks so nice as well.

  15. Here is how the new Azur totally tote look like........


    PM: 15.3 x 9.5 x 5.5

    MM: 17 x 11.8 x 6.7

    My SA said the Ebony version will come next year ! ;)