Azur speedys!!!!!

  1. the azur speedys are in stock on the UK website:yahoo:
    i need to make a quick decision now 25 or 30. Iv been waiting weeks:yes:
  2. The 25 is so cute but you'll probably get more use from the 30. Opens up wider at the top.
  3. 30!!! go go go!!! quick quikc quick!
  4. 30 definitely has more room & is easier to get in & out of. However, 25 is cuter IMO. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. 30! It's more versatile
  6. i think i did a very bad thing. i ordered both! the plan is to return one and keep the other once iv decided oon size but i have a sneeky little feeling i might keep both and try to persuade my bf to pay for the other for my birthday
  7. Congrats! Let us know which one is the real birthday gift!
  8. ^^ Yay! Congrats :yahoo:
  9. I wonder if I can buy it, I'm in U.S.........
  10. If you're under 5'4" then go for the 25, otherwise go for the 30!
  11. 30! It's much rommier than 25! not sure how tall r u, but i am 5'6 and love my 30 since Nov. 06!
    Azur & me.jpg Azur pomme.jpg
  12. im only 5'1" but i have a mono 30 and its my baby, i love her so much, im really a big bag girl bt in azur i think the 25 is v cute. ill post picks as soon as they arrive.
  13. congrats!! I think its cuter in 25...
  14. I like the 30 :biggrin:
  15. Ok, not to offend anyone with a 25, but while the 25 is cute, the 30 is cute and functional (an important bag combo) just my opinion