Azur Speedys trickling in....

  1. I finally received my long awaited phone call last night! My LV boutique has my Azur Speedy 30 waiting for me! :yahoo: I waitlisted in early December, my birthday has come and gone. I am going in today w/the gift card my husband gave me (in lieu of the bag) for my birthday and picking her up! Very excited!

    Hope this means that they will become a little easier to find for everybody. eLuxury had a few (two?) earlier this morning and now they are starting to trickle into stores.
  2. Congrats! How about Azur speedy 25? I didn't see any of it on the elux yet:shrugs:
  3. congrats!! post pics once you've picked it up!
  4. ^^yes !!
  5. Congrats! The azur is really starting to grow on me!
  6. there are 30s and 25s on vuitton site UK x
  7. i think they are starting to come in. i know i have one holding for me when my returned one gets there...
  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad they finally called u!

    Ilovepurse007- I love your new IPod shuffles, I'm hinting to the DBF for the pink one on V-day. LOL :roflmfao:
  9. congrats and enjoy it.
  10. Congrats!
  11. OOh I can't wait to get one!

  12. Thanks! I worry I will lose it soon because it's so tiny;)
  13. Yes, they are here as of Monday slowly getting to the boutiques. They are in the main warehouse on the East Coast ready for distribution.
  14. SO exciting! Congrats, congrats! I'm so jealous too, I'm still waiting for mine... :p
  15. Congrats, well worth the wait!